India's Infantcide: Dogs Chewed Up Body of Abandoned Newborn Baby Girl (Video)

( [email protected] ) Aug 07, 2013 03:17 AM EDT

A crowd discovered an abandoned newborn baby girl's body chewed by stray dogs near the toilet in a hospital campus in western province of Maharashtra, India, according to New Delhi Television reports. This is not the first time that dogs are found eating remains of abandoned newborn baby's body.

NDTV released video footages of men carrying the torn remains of the two-day old baby covered in white cloth inside government medical college in Yavatamal.

Dr. Kishore Ingole, senior doctor of the hospital, told NDTV, “There is a chance that she was born at some other hospital or is from another area.” Someone may have given birth on the campus unnoticed, he said.

So far, authorities are clueless who the baby’s parents are and who left the baby at the hospital, but have registered a case and say they are investigating, the NDTV reports.

Meanwhile, another newborn baby girl had been left to die less than four miles away, but was found and is receiving treatment at the hospital.

These two incidents are only a glimpse into India's problem of "extreme prejudice" against girls before they were even born. The preferential culture of boys are said to have caused parents or young un-wed mothers to abandon their new-born babies to die from exposure.

In April, some stray dogs were seen eating body parts of a new-born baby outside Kanpur Medical Center (KMC Hospital) in the Lajpar Nagar area of the city, according to Times of India. The incident sparked protestors to demand inquiry into the matter and strict action against those who abandoned the new-born.

However, their protests did not seem to have brought about change in the populous country, where an estimated 12 million sex-selective abortions have been performed over the last three decades, according to British medical journal The Lancet.

In 2010, a half-eaten body of a baby girl, over which stray dogs were fighting, was recovered by workers cleaning the drainage channel at the Government Dharmapuri Medical College Hospital premises here on Saturday, the Times of India reports.

Police said the workers found stray dogs fighting and trying to drag the headless body of the one-day-old baby.

The British medical journal The Lancet estimates as many as 12 million sex-selective abortions have been performed in India over the last 30 years.

While abortions are performed in almost every country in the world, those who abort their babies often times think they have no other options.

Back in the United States, a dead fetus was found Wednesday morning inside a hospital emergency room restroom of Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, according to CBS affiliate DFW.

Dallas Police Child Abuse detectives say they think they have identified the mother and are only describing her as a juvenile.