Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on Abortion, the Right to Life

Aug 26, 2013 03:59 AM EDT

In light of recent legislation concerning the rights of the unborn, a video of Phil Robertson’s pro-life message to Berean Bible Church in Pennsylvania has resurfaced. Despite his reserved demeanor on “Duck Dynasty,” the Robertson family patriarch has taken a passionate stand for life.

Abortion clinics are shutting down across the nation due to state legislation mandating higher health care standards. In July, Texas banned late-term abortions and is requiring that abortion clinics become ambulatory surgical centers with admitting privileges in nearby hospitals. It is projected that all but five of the state’s clinics will not be upgraded to meet the new standards and will have to shut down. Such anti-abortion legislation has been heavily protested throughout the nation, but many Christians in the United States are thankful that some steps have been taken to end infanticide.

In his speaking engagement at Berean Bible Church, Phil Robertson explained that the Declaration of Independence was infused by America’s founding fathers’ Christian beliefs. “’The rights among these are life,” Robertson said, quoting the document – “I’ll tell you, it didn’t take us 150 years [and] we started ripping babies out of wombs,” he said with conviction. Robertson is incredulous that people would even debate about whether women have the right to kill their children. We have a God-given “right to live, to be free, and to pursue happiness,” he said. Phil reminded his audience that George Washington and Andrew Jackson were much-admired for their faith, yet many Bible-believing Christians are accused of being “religious nuts” today.

The Robertson family’s comedic reality television show, “Duck Dynasty,” airs Wednesday nights on A&E; each episode ends with Phil praying over the family dinner. “What in the world happened to us?” he asked, dismayed by the moral demise in America – “You have a God-given right to live inside your mother.”