400 Percent Increased Participation Among Iraqis Brings Greater Hope

( [email protected] ) Oct 26, 2003 10:53 PM EST

Iraq -- Although violence is still rampant in Iraq, Food for the Hungry Ministries reports multiple successes in rebuilding the war-torn nation.

“Number one we've been able to help more people as time has gone one. Back in May we started by doing distribution to about 1,000 families, said FFH’s Beth Allen. “We're now up to 4,000 families. So, that's a great success to be able to help more people. And, I think it's been also very successful in getting local believers involved."

According to Allen, the ministry work itself is a testimony to the good news they are preaching. "We think it's really important for people as Christians to act out all of the Bible, to reach out to strangers and in doing so, people will begin to question, who is this Jesus Christ who motivates you to do this?"

Nonetheless, safety is still an issue. "e need to be praying for the continued safety of the Iraqi and Jordanian Christians who are working to aid the people of Iraq." She said.

"Although we have not had reports of people being attacked or of our shipments being attacked, there are parts of Iraq that are very unstable."