‘Modesty Matters’ Brings Well-Known Christians, Hundreds of Guests to a Hawaiian Falls Waterpark in Suburban Dallas

( [email protected] ) Sep 09, 2013 09:41 AM EDT

The Biblical virtue of modesty - in word, deed and thought - was extoled Saturday at a special event at the Mansfield location of Hawaiian Falls waterpark.

"Modesty Matters" provided an opportunity for the community to celebrate modesty in the midst of the waterslide-racing, pool-splashing summer fun of a family-oriented, Bible-exhorting waterpark.  Celebrities included two-time Grammy-nominated artist Sanctus Real, Leah Darrow, formerly of "America's Next Top Model" and current international speaker and Steve "Sting" Borden, a Hall of Fame professional Wrestler and film and TV actor. 

(Photo: Modesty Matters)
(Photo: Modesty Matters)

Darrow gave her testimony of the importance of modesty in every area of our lives, in order to honor God, our bodies - since we were made in His image - and remind ourselves how much of our human selves we miss if we focus on only a body part or two. 

Steve Martinez, president and CEO of Stonewood Entertainment, his talent company, was the cornerstone of organizing this event. Martinez books national acts for concerts and events. He also manages Sting, the professional wrestler, who was on hand.

Martinez said the Mansfield location of Hawaiian Falls -- a sort of waterpark chain -- is across the street from where he golfs. He said the founder of Hawaiian Falls, David Busch, has Biblical values that are very much in line with his church and what he believes.

"I felt God bringing people together for this," Martinez said. "This is about drawing closer to God. I think when we draw closer to God, everything in put in its right perspective."

Borden, or "Sting," was signing autographs, offering an opening prayer and sharing his very powerful testimony. He went after everything the world calls success, he said, and achieved a lot. He also made some "really bad choices."

"I tried drugs, alcohol, I committed adultery ... and I found myself married with two kids and really messed up, needing a supernatural thing to happen," he said. "I'd tried the God thing a couple times, but it had really only been fire insurance. I realized in deep, dark despair that I was in a place where there wasn't money, a drug, power, a doctor or anything was going to help me."

He cited a verse that was integral in his conversion, II Corinthians 7:10, about how worldly sorrow produces grief, but Godly grief produces repentance. Then, literally overnight, his profane mouth and a host of other sins just stopped.

He was born again in August 1998.

"I went out and told Hulk Hogan and a lot of others what happened to me," he said. "God strengthened me more and more each time I did it."

Frank Reed, morning personality, on 94.9, KLTY, also was celebrating modesty. Since the name of his show is "the family-friendly morning show," they try to provide a safe listening environment for the parents and kids who listen to our show, Reed said.

"When I saw all the publicity in the mainstream media about a recent award show I knew the Modesty Matters event was going to be exactly the opposite of the type of values that was receiving so much publicity," Reed said. "I'm very excited to be a part of the event and I hope we can begin a trend of having more events like this in the future."

(Photo: Sanctus Real performing on stage at Modesty Matters event concert on Sept. 7, 2013 at Hawaiian Waterfalls Water Park.)
(Photo: Sanctus Real performing on stage at Modesty Matters event concert on Sept. 7, 2013 at Hawaiian Waterfalls Water Park.)