Thursday Night Football 2013: 49ers' Kaepernick Fueled by Critical Tweets, Ram's Coach Fisher Confident in Win

( [email protected] ) Sep 26, 2013 12:31 PM EDT

St. Louis Rams
(Photo : REUTERS/Mike Stone)
St. Louis Rams wide receiver Brian Quick (83) is unable to make the catch as Dallas Cowboys corner back Morris Claiborne (L) defends in the second half of their NFL football game in Arlington, Texas September 22, 2013.

San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams played for almost 10 quarters last season in almost dead even scenarios. Meanwhile, both teams are coming into Thursday Night Football with two losses and one win in this season. As a result, both teams have a fair chance of winning tonight at the Week 4 matchup starting at 5:25 p.m. PT, at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri. 

If the 49ers lose the Thursday Night Football game against the Rams, they would have lost three of their first four games of the season, making it hard for the team to regain their footings in the NFC West, let alone the postseason.

Already the 49ers have lost two straight games against the Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who led the team to a Super Bowl berth after his first 10 starts in the NFL, has received criticisms for scoring only 10 points in the past two games.

However, Kaepernick favorited several critical tweets of him, and said that "It's something that I do for me."

"It helps me," he said, according to ESPN.

Whether Kaepernick and his team can defeat the St. Louis Rams depend on how well the team can work together offensively and defensively.

Meanwhile, Rams, who defeated the 49ers in an overtime game last season, have only won one game but lost two this season. In their last game against Dallas Cowboys, they lost 7-31.

Coach Jeff Fisher said this week, the reports, "With respect to the rivalry, it really hasn't been one. This organization has been on the losing end of a lot of games. Last year, we got our feet back on the map, but I don't think there's a rivalry yet.

"I hope it will become one."

The Rams, the youngest team in the league, came off even with the 49ers for almost 10 quarters last season.

"Guys have complete respect for the 49ers," Fisher said. "But we know that when the game's one, both teams have a chance to win."

Fisher's confidence and self-belief have changed the attitude of the Rams players. It's the same kind of mind-set that Jim Harbaugh brought to the 49ers in 2011.

"Having that confidence in your locker room every day is worth a lot," said Rams defensive end Chris Long, according to "It kind of breaks you out of that culture of losing. Of expect the worst."

"With Coach Fish you expect the best. You really look forward to every day of work, thinking what can go right rather than what can go wrong." 

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