Nick Vujicic Begins South America Outreach, Inspires Tens of Thousands for Christ

( [email protected] ) Oct 07, 2013 04:15 PM EDT

(Photo : Life Without Limbs )
(Photo : Life Without Limbs)

Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic begins his one month long South America outreach on October 2. He is expected to reach tens of thousands of people in countries including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina,  Brazil and Uruguay.  

During his first stop at Colombia, he spoke to over 800 cadets, officers, and family members at the Bogota Police Academy. The message was also broadcast to all of the other police academies and stations in Colombia, reaching over 170,000 members of the Colombian police force and its branches. 

He also visited a mega-church called Casa Roca, which has 26 campuses throughout Colombia. The church have an incredible influence throughout the country and a deep-rooted love for helping the poor and misfortunate, especially for children who have been displaced from their families or who no longer have families. 

(Photo : Life Without Limbs)
(Photo : Life Without Limbs )
The highlight of the trip should be a night event in Parque Simon Bolivar, attended by 7,000 people despite of the chilly weather. 

"At the end of the message, I asked for an alter call, asking for people who wanted their lives to be radically changed by accepting Christ's grace to come to the front of the venue. One person came forward. Then two. And then a thousand. Just like that, there was no more standing room in front of the seating. People kept coming forward, neatly filing in behind until the pile of people reached nearly two sections deep into the seating area.

Unbelievable." Vujicic wrote on his blog

"By the time we finished, we had lost count of the number of people who chose to dedicate their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. Our best estimate is over 1,000. One thing is for certain - God is good." Vujicic said.