Monday Night Football New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons 2013 Preview, Analysis and Predictions

( [email protected] ) Oct 07, 2013 08:24 PM EDT
Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons
(Photo : Reuters)
Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has led the team in 8 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, and 1,330 completed yards.

New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons matchup on Week 5 Monday Night Football may catch the Falcons' fans off-guard. Although Falcons have achieved higher statistics in both offensive and defensive sides, the injuries of key players, including wide-receiver Julio Jones and linebacker Akeen Dent, may give the Jets an equal chance of emerging as the winner of tonight's highly anticipated game. 

New York Jets 

New York Jets (2-2-0) is coming into week 5 Monday Night Football placed as third in AFC East. They are ranked 29th in points (17.0), 13th in yards completed (366.2), 17th in pass yards (243.2), and 11th in rush yards (123.0).  

Their rookie quarterback Geno Smith has led the team in four touchdowns and passed 1090 yards since the regular season began. Bilal Powell leads the team in rushing at 202 yards. Kellen Winslow has received 16 completed passes, contributing to 168 yards. For punting, Robert Malone leads the team with 16 punts, averaging 46.3.


In Defense, DeMario David and David Harris lead the team. Their head coach Rex Ryan, who spend 10 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens. During his tenure, the Ravens defense never ranked lower than sixth in the NFL.


Those injured and out of the game include Santonio Holmes, Dee Milliner, and Oday Aboushi. Those who did not participate in practice are Kellen Winslow and Edmond Gates. Other players, including Geno Smith, who has an ankle injury, will continue to play in tonight's game against the Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons (1-3-0), on the other hand, seem to have an upper hand based upon their performances thus far in the 2013 regular season. They are ranked 13th (23.5) in points, 6th in completed yards (398.5), 3rd in passing yards (316.5), and 23rd in rushing yards (82.0).

Their quarterback Matt Ryan has completed 8 touchdowns so far in the season, which is two times more than that of Jets' Smith, and over 1,330 yards.

Jacquizz Rodgers has led the team in rushing at 134 yards. On the receiving end, Julio Jones achieved 33 passes at 481 yards and Tony Gonzalez 23 passes and 242 yards.

While the Jets' coach may have much experience in team defense, Falcons' offensive performances thus far show that Jets may be no match. Moreover, Falcons' defenses are formidable with Robert McClain combined stats reached 29, William Moore at 24, and Akeem Dent at 28.

Out of these players, Falcons' offense is slightly weakened with Julio Jones injured in Knee and may affect his performance. As for the defensive end, Akeem Dent is out of the game for his ankle injury.

The player injuries may balance out the two Jets and Falcons, which makes tonight's game more even-handed. But again, Jets' Rookie quarterback Geno Smith has not achieved as many touchdowns as the opposing team's Ryan. In addition, Smith has a shoulder injury that will definitely affect his performance.