Colts Vs Chargers: Live Stream, Preview, TV Schedule, Radio Stations

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Colts Vs. Chargers Week 6 Monday Night Football game will begin at 5:40 p.m. PT at the Bolts' home stadium in San Diego, California. The game will be televised on ESPN. Those without television can watch the game online through live streaming at


Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck
Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck

The Colts are galloping into Qualcomm Stadium with a 4-1 stat. Their quarterback Andrew Luck has pulled several spectacular plays during 2013 season that placed him among the top five quarterbacks in the league, just above Philip Rivers, according to the weekly Quarterback Index on

On the other hand, Chargers' Philip Rivers are throwing at more than 400 yard in three games of the season. In the game against the Oakland Raiders, he threw two touchdowns with three interceptions.

From the big picture, The Colts' offensive stats stand at 362.4 yards per game, 220.4 passing yards per game, and 142 rush yards per game. Meanwhile, the Chargers' stand at 402.4 yards per game, 311.2 passing yards per game, and 91.2 rush yards per game.

If the Chargers want to stop the Colts' offensive, the Chargers' defense must stop Luck from rushing. While Rivers and the Chargers offense have completed more passing yards per game than Colts, the Colts are formidable when it comes to rush yards.

From the defensive standpoint, Colts have 330.4 total yards per game allowed, but Chargers have allowed more than 400 yards. Again, Colts have allowed 201.4 passing yards per game, but Chargers have allowed 288 passing yards per game.

Unless the Chargers tighten up their defensive ends, they would have a hard time overcoming the Colts, whose offensive stats are relatively similar to the Chargers.

Radio Stations and Broadcast Information

Colts' fans can listen to their team's radio broadcaster announce the plays by visiting any one of the Colts' radio affiliate networks here, and online radio stations here.

Dolphins' fans can access their team's radio affiliate networks here, and online radio stations here.

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