'Duck Dynasty' Uncle Si Helps with Operation Christmas Child - 'Pack a Shoebox, Jack!'

( [email protected] ) Oct 30, 2013 04:42 PM EDT

Uncle Si Robertson helped his nephew Alan pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, an organization that blesses impoverished children in over 130 countries around the world with Christmas gifts and the message of hope found in Jesus Christ.

Silas Robertson loves kids - "I'm 65 years old, but in actuality, I'm really only ten," he says. The favorite "Duck Dynasty" Uncle's creativity and wild imagination made him the prime candidate for helping Alan, the eldest of the four Robertson brothers, pack Christmas gifts for needy children. "Operation Christmas Child is not just about a child opening up a box and getting something cool inside, but also finding something eternal inside," says Alan - the organization sends shoeboxes full of Christmas goodies to boys and girls all over the world, giving joy to millions in the name of Christ.

Uncle Si Operation Christmas shoebox
Uncle Si Robertson holds fireworks that he plans to pack in Operation Christmas shoeboxes for impoverished children from around the world. (Photo : Samaritan's Purse)

Uncle Si, who didn't seem to be aware of the box size limitation, brought several varieties of fireworks to give to the little children. Needless to say, Alan had to screen a few items before packaging them. Si also brought "practical" items, such as shoe polish (which would be great, Alan said, if they had shoes), squirrel jerky, a Chia Willie, and mosquito spray. "Mosquitos are bad, especially in these foreign countries," said the Vietnam veteran. "Hey, I went to 'Nam, alright - they had mosquitos there as big as chickens. When they come flying they look like an eagle coming in for a landing on you, with their talons out ... it was rough," he said emphatically.

Si redeemed himself, however, when he pulled out a children's picture Bible - "I wouldn't be the man I am right now if Mama hadn't read this to me all the time," he said. He also added a "Duck Dynasty" tea tumbler and, of course, a duck call to the shoebox.

Alan and Si prayed over the boxes when they were done - "Father, we come to you," prayed Si - "It's not important, what the gift is. What's important is the thought behind it - that someone cares. But, Father, when I think about that, I think about the greatest gift that's ever been given, is You giving Your Son, for the whole world. In Jesus' holy name, Amen."

National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Care shoeboxes is November 18-25. Boxes can be made online as well, and suggested gift items are toys, school supplies, hygiene items, clothing, and handwritten notes for the children.