Chandler Parsons, Houston Rockets Support Cancer Patient Carly Wright

( [email protected] ) Nov 20, 2013 04:38 PM EST
Chandler Parsons with Carly Wright
(Photo : Jenny Dial Creech)
Houston Rockets Chandler Parsons takes picture with cancer patient Carly Wright.

High school senior Carly Wright was given the opportunity to meet the entire Houston Rockets team Tuesday as a part of her Make A Wish Foundation dream. She is fighting bone cancer at the age of seventeen, and was met with standing applause when the Rockets showed a video of her story at the game.

Carly was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma last year. The former varsity volleyball player had had some shoulder pain and thought that she might have torn her rotator cuff, but instead, the MRI revealed cancer. The senior in high school is doing chemotherapy treatment, hoping to beat her illness. She misses hanging out with friends and playing sports, and was thrilled when The Make A Wish Foundation recently gave her an opportunity to fulfill a dream. Carly's wish? To meet the Houston Rockets - and especially her favorite player, forward Chandler Parsons. "They're a young team," says Carly - "I like the way that they play. They just keep fighting."

Wright sat courtside at Tuesday's game against the Boston Celtics, and had the opportunity to meet the entire Houston Rockets team beforehand. Along with an autographed jersey and other memorabilia, Wright got to hug her favorite players and high-fived the Rocket's starters as they were introduced for the game.

Parsons said that it was an honor to meet Wright, and he hopes she had a great time with the team. The Rockets forward has been wearing a wristband that says "Do it Wright" and tweeted that the team's win over Boston was for her. "You are such an inspiration," he said - "Keep fighting!"

While doctors still don't have a cure for her cancer, Wright says that she will keep fighting - "I'm not going to give up," she says.

Carly and her mother Melissa are grateful for all of the support that their family has received - "It is a wonderful feeling to know so many people are thinking about and praying for Carly," writes Melissa - "She maintains her same upbeat Ginger spirit and sense of humor as she battles this horrible disease."