HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang Re-Emphasized on Innovation; Personal Charisma Won over Mainland Reporters

( [email protected] ) Nov 21, 2013 05:31 PM EST
HTC Cher Wang and Wang Leehom
HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang takes pictures with Taiwanese-American artist Wang Leehom. (Photo : Facebook/Wang Leehom) 

Christian entrepreneur Cher Wang, chairwoman of Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC, was attending the 2013 APEC Women's Entrepreneurship Summit (WES) and was interviewed by Mainland's media. She re-emphasized on the strength of innovation for contributing to society. She also looked forward to the eternal life in heaven and expressed that it would be a beautiful place to rest.

HTC Corp. recently posted the first loss in its history as a public company. HTC's CEO Peter Chou told Financial Times that he was "too busy" and was unable to focus on innovation and product portfolio, but have become "very focused" in recent months. Meanwhile, Wang, as the tech giant's co-founder, has increased her operational role at the company to lighten the load on Chou.

Wang is ranked #46 among Forbes' 2013 "World's 100 Most Powerful Women." As a successful business entrepreneur, she is also known for her outspoken Christian faith and for managing her company with biblical principles.

Cher Wang pointed out that one of the most important attribute to becoming the pioneer in the industry is Innovation. She added that innovation goes beyond the current need to forecast the future trend, hence there would be time in between to research and popularize, contributing to greater market share in the industry.

The devout Christian business leader said that HTC carries an advantage on innovation over its competitors, Samsung, Apple, and others. This came from learning to hear feedback from various sources with patience and enduring trial & errors. She valued these diversified opinions, which she sees as the catalyst for innovation, and knew that those that have not been selected may very well be the highlights for the new products in the future.

While HTC phones - HTC One, HTC One Max, and others - features the top specs and receoved high reviews, Christian entrepreneur Cher Wang acknowledged to HTC's weakness on marketing in the past.

She commented with a hint of humor when she saw the reporter's iPhone, "I should have told more about how good our phone really is, in fact, all I said in the past was let's do better!"

Wang's quest for improvement and humility won over the hearts of reporters on-site. Reporter added at the end of the interview about Cher Wang's insights on life:

"A man can only live once on this earth therefore I believe it is important to do something to contribute to the society. For the ultimate rest lies in heaven, it is a beautiful place to rest." She quoted.

[Editor's note: Jennifer Shih contributed to the report.]