Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson on Faith, Family, and Fame

( [email protected] ) Dec 02, 2013 02:54 PM EST
Duck Dynasty Missy Robertson
Missy Robertson

Jase Robertson's wife Missy recently shared about her family's faith and how they have had opportunities to share Christ with others because of A&E's reality television show "Duck Dynasty." Missy, who grew up as a pastor's daughter and has faithfully served as an active member of White's Ferry Road Church of Christ for decades, says that the Robertson family has stayed true to themselves and is hoping to use their fame to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Duck Dynasty" is the most watched reality television show of all time. In the midst of what might cause many to stumble, the Robertson family has consistently demonstrated faith-filled lives in front of millions of fans. Alan Robertson, the eldest of the four Robertson brothers and former pastor, leads the family in devotions to keep the family grounded in the word of God and accountable to one another.

Missy, who married into the family at the age of nineteen, says that the Robertsons work hard to train their children to handle notoriety in a way that honors the Lord. "There is nothing that is taboo to talk about," she says of the Robertson's candid way of life - "Everything is on the table. You have a problem, we're going to lay it out, and we're going to talk about it ... nobody's going to bed until it's ironed out."

Jase and Missy have been happily married for twenty-two years, and have three children - Reed, Cole, and Mia. "We have a very strong marriage ... I think it's because of the way we were raised and because of our faith," she says - "Not that we haven't had challenges, but there's never been a question that we weren't going to be together for the rest of our lives."

Despite their hectic schedules, the Robertsons are actively involved with their church family. Phil and Alan serve as elders of White's Ferry Road Church of Christ, and Missy has sung on the worship team for more than 20 years - "I miss it when I'm not there ... I love to worship," she says. Missy also sings lead vocals on some of the Robertson family's "Duck the Halls" Christmas album tracks. The Robertson men have also had speaking engagements around the country, hoping to use their platform to share "who they really are, Whose they really are, and what they stand for," says Missy.

Church attendance has risen quite a bit down in Monroe, Louisiana on Sunday mornings, with fans from across America hoping to get a glimpse of the Robertsons at their Gospel-centered church. The family is happy to see people come who may not know the Lord - "If there's any way that we can bring people to hear the Gospel of Jesus ... if we can bring that to any visitors, we don't mind that at all," says Missy.