Taiwanese Show Artist Alice Says Baptism Was Her Best Decision in Life

( [email protected] ) Dec 03, 2013 07:26 PM EST
Taiwan Celebrity and Show Host Alice
Taiwanese celebrity and show host Alice was baptized by Huang Hsio-Zo in early November 2013. (Photo : Weibo) 

Taiwanese show host Alice announced few days ago on Weibo that she had been baptized to become a Christian by Huang Hsio-Zo. She claimed that it was the best decision in her life to commit herself to God.

"The most important day of my life, I had been baptized." Alice wrote in her Weibo and also posted a photo of the baptism. "It's all the more meaningful that I have been baptized by my best friend Huang Hsiao-Zo. And it's both of our first time also. Today is going to be forever memorable."

Alice was led by Huang Hsiao-Zo to Christ. Huang Hsiao-Zo has been a true testimony to her by living out her life under the reign of Jesus.

Alice stated that the baptism was the best decision, "Thank God, at this moment I feel overwhelmingly peaceful and joyful. This was truly the best decision in my life."

Huang Hsiao-Zo replied back on her Weibo post with the comment, "I'm extremely touched." Among the crowd of witnesses to her baptism was Chu-Jong-Hen's wife, Vicky, She also expressed : "This indeed was the most beautiful blessing ~ Thank God for His amazing work!! Hallelujah ~ I'm really touched to be able to witness all this and I'm just really thankful to God!!"

Since Huang Hsiao-Zo was not a preacher, there had been some doubts expressed from online user on her authority to perform the baptism. She replied, "I don't believe there is such a criteria. Every believer has the authority according to the gospel of Matthew."

Despite the minor incident, this has not discount Alice's joy from her baptism.

There were more words that meant well and blessing for Alice.

[Editor's note: Jennifer Shih translated this report.]