Hong Kong Christian Artist Vivian Chow: 'It Is More Blessed to Give Than to Receive'

( [email protected] ) Dec 03, 2013 08:09 PM EST

Vivian Wai-Man Chow, Hong Kong-based Chinese Christian pop artist and actress, recently testified in a World Vision Hong Kong video of how every overseas trip to visit and care for the disadvantaged has been a spiritual journey for her.

Vivian Chow
Vivian visits Sri Lanka war orphans. (Photo : Facebook/Vivian Chow)

It is there, at the third world countries, that she experienced the verse: "It is more blessed to give than to receive." She sincerely invites Christians to join in helping the poor and fulfilling the responsibility of the love of Jesus.

Vivian has been a World Vision Sponsor for many years and has visited multiple World Vision locations in the Asia and Africa regions.

In Mongolia, she met children who lived in the underground heater ditch in order to stay warm through the winter; in Sri Lanka, she met orphans who lost their parents to the civil war; in Laos, she met disabled children who lost the opportunity to get healed due to poverty; many children also lost the opportunity to go to school, lost their family, and end up trafficked in child labor, being sold and oppressed.

Vivan Chow
Vivian hard at work serving the children in Sri Lanka, displaying inner beauty. (Photo : Facebook/Vivian Chow)

So what exactly is the driving force for Vivian to personally embark on this journey into the mountains and help the disadvantaged? In the charity video, Vivian states that she has attached great importance on going with the charity groups to different areas to help the disadvantaged; to her each trip has been a spiritual journey.

Vivian testifies that each time she returns to Hong Kong, her values changes and she learns to focus less on her "self", and look more to the needs of others. While the disadvantaged people suffer immensely, a small amount of money will help them a long way. She encouraged everyone to lend a helping hand.

[Editor's note: Jane Hsu translated the article.]

Vivian Chow's testimony: