Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Live Stream: Watch Free Online Thursday Night Football, 2013 NFL Week 14, Radio Stations, TV Channel

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Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Week 14 NFL game starts at 5:25 p.m. PT (8:25 p.m. ET) on Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013. The (2-10) Texans will be visiting the (3-9) Jaguars at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida. Texans vs. Jaguars Thursday Night Football (TNF) game will be televised on NFL Network and can be watched online through live stream (more information below).

Texans vs. Jaguars 2013 NFL
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Jaguars and Texans played in Week 12, and Jacksonville ended up with a 13-6 win over Houston on Nov. 24, 2013. The Texans' dramatic fall from division champ to NFL's worst record could result in a future franchise QB.

Going into Week 14, Texans is currently ranked last in the league with 2 wins and 10 losses, and the Jaguars are tied with other three teams, including Falcons, Buccaneers, and Vikings, in the lower echelon of the 32 NFL teams with 3 wins and 9 losses.

With the NFL season approaching its final month, it is incomprehensible of how the Texans, who is ranked third in total defense, second in passing defense, and 20th in rush yards defense, could fall to the last place. One thing for sure if that they have allowed an average of 26.9 points per game, which ranks them at 27th place in the points allowed per game.

On the offensive side, the Texans are ranked 10th in total yards achieved (365.2), 13th in pass yards (248.5), and 14th in rush yards (116.8), but they are ranked 29th in points per game (19.2). Quarterback Matt Schaub has passed 1,707 yards at 62.8 percent completion rate, and Case Keenum passed 1,433 yards at 54.2 percent. Both have eight touchdowns.

The Texans have a -12 turnover ratio. They have a total of 24 touchdowns, and their opponent has 38 touchdowns despite having less time of possession, total passing yards.

According to the offensive and defensive comparison offered by NFL.com, Texans outperforms Jaguars in every categories. Without considering the Week 12 match, the prediction is that Texans will win the game tonight. However, if the Texans continue to not convert their offense into touchdowns, it doesn't matter how many yards or completion they put down. If they continue to not be able to defend their end zones, there would be no chance for Texans to revert their dramatic fall this season.

Texans' fans can find the list of radio stations in its affiliate network here, and online radio live streaming broadcast stations here. Jaguars' fans can find their team's radio stations network affiliates here, and online live radio streaming stations here.

Viewers with the NFL Sunday Ticket premium service or Verizon's NFL Insider service may be able to watch the game live streaming online via their computers or mobile devices. A full on-demand replay will be available for NFL Game Rewind subscribers after the game has concluded.

Texans vs. Jaguars live stream can also be accessed for free by clicking here.