Hong Kong Millionaire's Stage Three Lung Cancer Miraculously Healed Through Prayer

( [email protected] ) Jan 21, 2014 12:35 AM EST
William Yu, born and raised in HK, invests millions of dollars in businesses around Asia. His work schedule is frenetic. One day, he was diagnoised with stage 3 lung cancer and had a 20 percent chance of surviving. As a nominal Christian, he started to pray and request for prayers. Then, a sequence of event led to a total life transformation.
(Photo: Courtesy of William Yu)

William Yu, born and raised in HK, invests millions of dollars in businesses around Asia. His work schedule is frenetic.

"I'll wait for you there, is it OK?," William says on the phone to a client, as he juggles appointments, a regular travel schedule and speaking engagements for ministry. But he has slowed down considerably over the last few years. "I spent 18-20 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, I didn't have time for my family, I didn't have time for anything," he said of his previous schedule.

Then, on a workday on June 21st, 2010, William says he collapsed. "It was so painful that I fell on my knees. So I went straight to see my doctor. He said go now and take an X-Ray," he said. "We found out there's a tumour around 8cm. This area."

The doctor diagnosed stage 3 lung cancer and William had a 20% chance of surviving. He panicked. "I don't want to leave my family. My kids are young and I have a lovely family," he said. William's close friend and business partner T.C. Yam was afraid his friend might not live for another year. T.C. said, "I start worrying. I can see from his health, his body is losing weight."

After trying 6 different specialists, at several hospitals in HK, William, his wife, and his friends, in desperation, rallied to pray for a miracle healing. They prayed for several hours one night. "Suddenly, I saw a vision. I saw a finger. This finger went through my body, gently touched my tumor," William said who described himself at the time as a nominal Christian who barely read the Bible. "I screamed. At the same time, a dear friend of mine screamed."

This friend saw a finger touch on the keyboard of a computer in a vision. William recalls, "This friend said we must stop praying for healing, and pray that Jesus deletes the tumor. I was stunned. I said, How can we delete something like that?"

"I called everybody in the States and in mainland China. They are having 24 hours praying session. Instead of praying for healing, we pray for delete the tumor," he said. "I had a great sleep and the next morning I went to hospital."

William was tested and X-rayed. The X-rays showed the tumor had shrunk from 8 to 2 centimeters. It was surgically removed. "The doctor said it's a little embarassing. The content is nothing but lamb's wool. I said you must be kidding me. He said scientifically I don't think it's possible but as a matter of fact, this is the truth," William said.

William's friend Wu Siu-sang, was at the prayer meeting and believes William was healed by God. "This is a miracle! I totally believe it's a miracle and I'm grateful," said Wu. William adds, "I didn't want to be too sentimental but I was in tears. Tears of joy."

He believes he was healed of lung cancer specifically through the power of prayer. "First of all, I have to emphasize I didn't take any medication for the past 10 to 12 days. It's a miracle," he said with his eyes closed. "People keep asking me this question. What do you think? Don't you think it's a healing? The medical report said I've never been infected. That's impossible."

Dr. David Yeung of the School of Medicine at HK University says this is possible in the realm of medical science. "From a scientific standpoint, if someone had not received any medical treatment for a disease, which required normal treatment and it went away, that could be considered an unusual phenomenon.

Hong Kong Businessman a William Yu Miracle Healing
William Yu and his wife visit patients in hospitals and share their testimony of healing. (Photo: Courtesy of William Yu)

But for William, it's a miracle and the most important thing is it transformed his lifestyle. "I spend maybe 20% of my time in my business. The rest, my family. I'm not really that focused on the amount, on the dollar sign.

His friend T.C. Yam, has noticed a stark difference. "He has no worries. He's happy all the time. I want that for myself. Now he's a man of good, with good faith, helping people," said T.C.

Now William helps others by speaking publicly of his miracle healing. "Everything is possible to those who believe," says William. "Because something happened like this to me, I'm very sure this can happen to everybody."

Hong Kong Businessman a William Yu Miracle Healing
William Yu speaks to the public. (Photo: Courtesy of William Yu)