Winter Snowstorms Continue to Plague East Coast with Record-Breaking Snowfall

( [email protected] ) Jan 22, 2014 05:36 PM EST

The east side of the country continues to experience winter at full force due in part of the harsh weather conditions. A mixture of snow, rainfall and wind have all summoned to the eastern side affecting northern states such as New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey.

As of January 22, the weather in the east side has remained in the low double digits that inevitably plunge to single digit temperatures all in the span of a day. New York, NY experiences sunny, cold days of 18 degrees, but suffers with a very low 6 degrees by the afternoon. Likewise, neighbor states also have very low temperatures, with New Jersey being "frigid with snow blowing" down to as little 3 degrees.

(Photo : Matt Rourke/Associated Press)
Snow in the eastern states continues to fall with temperatures to record-breaking numbers.

The winter in the early part of the year has already produced record-breaking numbers across the country. Snow falling in states such as New York, Maryland and New Jersey have had snowfall up to 15 inches fall this week alone. Many are dubbing these storms as Winter Snow Janus.

Winter Storm East Coast
Alisa Riley, of Hingham, Mass., shovels snow from a sidewalk in front of a women's fitness center where she works in Scituate, Mass., Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)
Winter Storm East Coast
A man shovels snow off his car in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The winter weather in the eastern side of the country has affected many daily routines for many residents. The record-breaking winter has lead to many an astounding rate of delayed and cancelled flights. FlightStats reports that just Tuesday of this week, "more than 7,000 flights" were postponed or delayed "due to the winter across the United States," primarily in the northern east side of the country.

For residents in the blistering cold, the winter weather does not look to die down anytime soon. "Temperatures may stay below freezing in Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit and Cleveland through the end of the month, where highs most days will be in the teens," reports Accuweather's daily forecast. "In Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York City and Indianapolis, temperatures may only surpass the freezing mark on one or two days through Jan. 31."

Air traveling alone has not become a routine problem, as locals face heaps of snow that plague all over towns and respective neighborhoods. Temperatures are low to the point that the rock salt solution to melt snow is not effective. "In the Northern states, temperatures will dip low enough to inhibit the effectiveness of most inexpensive ice melting compounds. Rock salt will not work when the temperature drops to 15 degrees or lower." Most of these states are below to the single digits that makes this procedure inoperable.

Snow is not the only issue resonating. With the consistent low temperatures and snowfall, ice or beach areas may become another dwindling factor in the upcoming weeks. Frost has already been building up in the northern states suburbs near lakes and rivers and the rainfall that affect many states.

Accuweather is reporting that an additional 1,500 flights were cancelled Wednesday morning, January 22 and airports are expected to continue with on-going flight issues through the end of the week.

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