Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 3 "Life of Si" Recap: A Duckumentary of Uncle Robertson

( [email protected] ) Jan 23, 2014 01:38 PM EST

The producers of A&E's most popular reality television show, "Duck Dynasty," understand why America loves the Robertsons; we can't get enough of their clean sense of humor, their family values, and we just love Uncle Si. The war veteran's antics are unparalleled, and his stories reek of grandeur and grit. Why not delve further into the life of Silas Robertson for almost an entire episode?

Duck Dynasty 'Life of Si' Season 5 Episode 2
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In this episode of Season Five, Uncle Si decides to use Jep's video camera to document a day in his life. Si proclaimed that "Looking at the World through the Eyes of Si Robertson" would be "what they call a 'classic' ... I'm goin' win the Pulitzer Prize on this," he said with confidence.

"Trust me on this," Jase assured him - "Nobody wants to see the world through Si's eyes."

Si set out to prove to the world that he isn't as crazy as people might think. He dangled a camera in front of him from his old war helmet so that the audience could see his reactions to everything that would go on that day, and he placed another camera on his chest where "you can see what a shorter version of me sees," he said. If only he had had this contraption when he was in Nam.

The men at the warehouse were excited to hunt some deer, and Si was ecstatic about filming his movie in the woods. "I feel like we're going hunting with Inspector Gadget," Martin joked. Si soon envisioned creating his "first epic war movie," and decided to dump the whole documentary idea - "Documentaries are kind of boring, ok - every filmmaker knows you've got to be flexible," he says.

As the men set out for the deer blind, Si narrated. "This is a dangerous place we're at in here ... Anacondas are slithering everywhere in the grass ... They're moving slowly and stealthily - two intrepid deer hunters, after their wary prey." After a few rebukes from Jase, he promised to whisper.

The epic war movie would have somewhat of a tender side to it; "Speaking of my chest - and hey, let's get it off of your chest," Si said tenderly to Jase - "Tell me about your inner feelings." The only problem Jase said he had at that moment was being distracted by his uncle when he wanted to hunt, but Si didn't give up - "Treat me like I'm Oprah, ok ... you can do this - I know you can, son."

Uncle Si was soon ostracized from the deer blind. "This deer hunting movie turned into a survival movie," he said, walking bravely through the wood alone - "that's what happens when your comrades desert you."

Si later pitched his movie to his older brother Phil, who seemed less than enthusiastic. Si decided to call his movie "For Your Eyes Only, Through My Eyes." Alas, all that was missing was the perfect ending - "Tell me your most embarrassing moment," he said to Phil. Unfortunately, the most embarrassing moment for Phil would have been making an appearance on Si's movie.

Over the family meal, the family patriarch thanked the Lord for sending His Son Jesus to die on our behalf. He prayed, "Father, we thank You for the Son of Man Who rescued us from sin. For that we are grateful. We honor You for it. It's through Him I pray, Amen."