Mother horrified by Double Standard: Detroit Shool Bans Son's Bible, Teaches 6-Yr-Old Daughter About Alcohol

( [email protected] ) Jan 24, 2014 08:33 PM EST
Mother Horrified by School’s Double Standard: School Bans Autistic Son's Bible, Teaches 6-yr-Old Daughter about Alcohol
Jason Cross, 8, of Dearborn Heights, Mich., was banned from bringing Bible school to read during free time. Mother says the teachers at the same school distributed worksheets referencing alcohol. (Photo: Fox News)

A mother in the Detriot area is very disturbed by teachers at Highview Elementary School who told her son not to bring his Bible to class and taught her first-grade daughter about alcohol.

Jessica Cross' eight-year-old autistic son was upset coming home from school in December because his teacher told him that his Bible is "only for church, not school." Jason had been reading the Bible, his "book of choice," during free periods.

One month later, Jessica's six-year-old daughter Jaclyn came home with a worksheet that taught her about alcohol. She was taken aback by her daughter's strange question Wednesday evening - "Mommy, why would a daddy drinking wine make a mommy happy?" Jessica soon learned that one of Jaclyn's homework assignments had read, "My Dad drinks wine. He puts a lime in his wine. It makes my Mom smile."

Needless to say, Jessica is very upset with the staff's behavior at Highview Elementary School in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. "Wine does not make this Mommy smile, and wine does not make my husband smile," she says. Jessica is also dismayed by the way that her son's teacher has been treating him - Jason, who has autism, has been sentenced to time-out for over 13 hours per week, and was reportedly not allowed to eat lunch on certain occasions.

When asked about these incidents, Superintendent Dr. Laurine VanValkenburg told Fox News that "If a child wants to bring a Bible to school, they may." She also apologized for the homework lesson that involved alcohol, and says she intends to look into these instances upon her return from out of town.