Missionary School in Nigeria Begins Reconstruction

( [email protected] ) Oct 30, 2003 09:20 AM EST

Nigeria— The Association of Christian Schools International began to rebuild their missionary school in Nigeria following arson attacks last year. While security risks remain high, administrators continue construction with hopes of change.

"The school was targeted by Islamic fundamentalists and their dormitory for the boys was burned down, twice. They were singled out because they were the children of missionaries that were going in and expressing the Gospel message to Muslim people,” said ACSI’s Dan Egeler.

However, unlike the last year, the local Muslim leader approached the school officials in peace, saying that he did not condone the violence done to the school.

"He really values the ministry of the school. He said these were extremists, folks that he did not concur with at all. So, he's put a call out to protect the school and its ministry, because he's seen its ministry and vitality in the life of his own grandchild,” said Egeler.

Egler explained the situation of the ACSI schools and mission work in Nigeria.

"The predominant part of that community is Muslim. But the high quality education that has moral fiber, they don't truly understand the Christian philosophy of education, but they're attracted to that, and enrolled their children. As a result of that, their kids are hearing the gospel message in the context of the school day."