Tim Tebow's T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad Humors Life Without NFL Contract (Video)

( [email protected] ) Feb 01, 2014 11:05 AM EST
Screenshot of Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad
Tebow as a rock star during his "no contract" phase in the newest ad. (Photo : T-Mobile/YouTube) 

Christian football player Tim Tebow may not be signed on to a team on the NFL, but it won't stop him from making an appearance this Sunday for Super Bowl XVIII. While Tebow won't be playing on the field representing his old team, his new T-Mobile ad will be playing during the commercial breaks poking fun at not having a NFL contract.

Tebow made his debut ironically as a Denver Bronco quarterback, one of the teams fighting for the Vince Lombardi trophy this Sunday. Tebow instantly became a success and popular for "Tebowing" and expressing his Christian beliefs unapologetically. However, after being traded as back-up for quarterback Mark Sanchez for the New York Jets, and a brief stint for the New England Patriots, Tebow found himself a free agent with no contract.

However, Tebow has been keeping busy on his year of not playing professional football. In particular, his new commercial for T-Mobile spoofs his no contract predicament. Being one of the many highly-anticipated Super Bowl commercials this year, Tebow will star in two commercials for T-Mobile which USA Today labels as "hilarious and spectacular," and is already being called the "funniest [commercial] of the year," by Yahoo! Sports.

"Everyone thinks I want a contract, but without one, I've done so much this year," says Tebow to the camera as the commercial starts. From here, the commercial turns to a comical angle of Tebow doing other ventures around the world to stay busy rather than being confined to a contract in the NFL.

Without a contract, Tebow is able to deliver a baby, hunt down Big Foot, be a stand-up comedian, rescue puppies, join the rodeo and a rock band among other things.

Screenshot of Tim Tebow's Super Bowl Ad
Tebow pokes fun at not having a contract, which gives him free time to venture out on adventures. (Photo : T-Mobile/YouTube) 

The message: "contracts hold you back." With this, T-Mobile advertises that unlike most of its competitors, there is no annual contracts and can buy out any already in place. The second commercial will air during the game Sunday, but the one-minute commercial has already been released from T-Mobile to view.

While Tebow may be poking fun at himself for not having a contract, Tebow has not been out of the limelight. After not sealing a contract for the 2013-2014 season, Tebow was hired last December as an ESPN College Football analyst and guest-hosted as a sports analyst for Good Morning America's Super Bowl-themed edition.

This is also not the first time Tebow starred in a commercial for the Super Bowl. In 2010, Tebow starred in two commercials produced by Focus on the Family, a conservative non-profit organization that purposes to restore families in America through Biblical truths. Tebow's ad displayed his pro-life support, which was both criticized and praised nationwide. This year's commercial does not have any of Tebow's religious views, but rather takes a more comical approach.

Despite not having a contract with the NFL currently, Tebow still remains optimistic about his career and what the future has in store for him, referring back to God and his beliefs. "In a situation like this [not having a contract], you don't know what the future holds," told Tebow to GMA reporter Robin Roberts. "But you know who holds your future and that gives you hope and peace everyday. No matter what happens."

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