Former Lesbian Jackie Hill Confronts Macklemore’s 'Same Love' Grammys Message

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Lesbian Testimony
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"Someone's lying," Jackie told Wade-O Radio. Jackie is a former "stud," a woman that assumes the male appearance and role in a lesbian relationship. She tells us about her own experiences. "As a girl, I was never really called pretty, affirmed or was the focus attention of males. When I started to dress that way and get all this crazy attention from these girls, it became deeper than lust. It was an addiction to people boosting my self-esteem."

Jackie goes on to tell Wade-O Radio about the convictions she felt after engaging in the homosexual lifestyle. She had been raised in church since age 10 and had friends that helped sow seeds of the Gospel in her life. Yet it wasn't until October 2008 that she received a word from God about a young woman she was in a relationship with. "The girl who you're with will be the death of you." At that point, God opened up her eyes to see that in addition to her homosexuality, there were many other areas of her life that were also sinful in the sight of God. She saw that in that state, she deserved hell.

"At that time, my eyes were opened to that it wasn't just, 'You're gay. You're [also] lustful, you're prideful, you're a thief, you're a rebellious, you're a masturbator and you're a porn addict.' I saw all of these things that deserved Hell and I believed and saw that God would be just in sending me there."

Hill went on to express to Wade-O Radio that everyone has the right to "submit to their desires." Yet she equally expressed that all have the opportunity to surrender their lives to God.

Hill also expressed opposition to the second verse of Macklemore's "Same Love" which speaks of hatred against homosexuals, but not in the way most would expect. "[Christians] should remind themselves that they too once were bound by something. I think sometimes Christians can look at homosexuals as if they are more a slave than the fornicator is."

Jackie's overall message is one that preaches against not just homosexuality, but all sin. In her famous (or infamous depending on who you ask) poem entitled "My Life as a Stud," Hill mentions a lesbian that attempted to call her out in response, expressing that God loved her and she loved Him, despite her homosexuality. Yet Jackie, again, draws attention to the full picture.

"That puts her in a position to see that this one sin is not her only issue. It's her whole heart. I think as Christians sometimes, it's like a tree--we minister to the leaf and forget to minister to the root that caused the leaf to grow. The root is a heart that's in rebellion against God so we need to approach it like, 'I'm going to talk to this person as a human being that has an issue with sin.'"

Hill also goes on to encourage Christians to "be authentic." And goes on to say, "this generation doesn't like fake people. Homosexuals don't like fake people. If they already sense your motive is to convert them, why would they want to talk to you? ... Befriend them. Care about them as a human being before you try to just change them into Apostle Paul overnight."

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