An All-Indian Christian Film Promotes Community Participation and Evangelism

( [email protected] ) Nov 03, 2003 02:26 PM EST

India – More than 2,000 churches have been established in India, despite the increasing restrictions placed on the Christian community.

Recently, the All India-Christian Council reported that a census of Christians continues in Gujurat, despite it being prohibited by the High Court. This survey of Christian activity and finances, along with the recent anti-conversion laws, adds to the already heavy restrictions set on Christian ministry.

Nonetheless, Dayspring International teams are publicly showing a film on the life of Christ.

"Our teams are able to show this film freely. It is entertaining, educational, informative, and it is action-packed.” Said John Gilman of DI. “Oftentimes, our teams will actually setup the equipment in front of the Hindu temple because the local priest there will cooperate and say, 'yes, please come and use the electrical outlet.'"

The project, named, “Dayasaga,” an all-Indian acted film, is viewed as a community event.

"So, discipleship becomes a component of our ministry that is key and fundamental. We want to see Christ groups established in every village where possible,” he continued.

Dayspring will follow-up with the new believers either by cooperating with existing church planting groups, or establishing new ones where none exists.