The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Galavis "Hometown Dates" Recap Video: Watch Online ABC Season 18 Episode 8 Free

( [email protected] ) Feb 24, 2014 06:29 PM EST

The Bachelor 2014 with Juan Pablo Galavis is coming to the end with only few episodes left. ABC will broadcast two episodes back to back on Monday, Feb 24 and Tuesday, Feb 25 at 8 pm ET for the hometown dates and fantasy suites with the final four ladies.

As we all know, Juan Pablo brought Nikki to meet his daughter Camila at her dance recital. Nikki also met Juan Pablo's parents and his ex, Carla Rodriguez. It seems that the bachelor's howntown date with Nikki in Kansas City goes well with her family too.

The other three remaining women are Clare, Renee and Andi. On tonight's episode, Juan Pablo will meet with their families, including Renee's 8-year-old son, Ben.

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Juan Pablo visits Clare's hometown in Sacramento. (Photo: ABC)

Juan Pablo travels to Sacramento, California where Clare waits for him. She shares heartbreaking memories of her late father with Juan Pablo in a rare, intimate moment of vulnerability and sensitivity. Everything goes smoothly until Juan meets Clare's mother and sisters. One woman's bombshell reaction makes a happy ending for the couple questionable.

Juan Pablo's emotional tour continues in Sarasota, Florida, as he meets up with single mom Renee, who has been desperate to be reunited with her eight-year-old son, Ben. Juan Pablo witnesses the tearful reunion and is introduced to Renee's pride and joy. As Juan Pablo watches Ben play in a Little League game, he ponders whether he can picture himself as the boy's stepfather. After he meets her parents, Renee still hesitates to tell him of her strong feelings for him.

Andi takes Juan Pablo to a shooting range for target practice. (Photo: ABC)

The Bachelor visits Andi, who has a test waiting for Juan Pablo. She takes him to a shooting range for target practice. The real question is: will he score with her family? Tough questions wait for the Bachelor, as Andi's father peppers him in a blunt cross examination. Will it sound the death knell for the couple's relationship?

Who will Juan Pablo pick on the finale? The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT on ABC. You can watch the episode 8 online at If you cannot watch it tonight, make sure to go to ABC official website the following week and watch the entire episode for free.