'Duck Dynasty's Willie and Korie Robertson Say 'God's Not Dead': 'Stand Up for Your Beliefs'

( [email protected] ) Mar 20, 2014 11:38 AM EDT
Duck Dynasty's Willie and Korie Robertson Appearing in God's Not Dead
'Duck Dynasty' stars Willie and Korie Robertson appear as themselves in the new film 'God's Not Dead.' (Pure Flix Entertainment)

In a world filled with bad advice and Anti-Christian propaganda, it would be wise for most to heed the advice of Willie and Kori Robertson.  

"Don't let someone bully you into not standing up for your beliefs," Korie said, in a recent interview with Fox411.

To this family of odd ducks, God is the secret to their ever expanding success and His ways are the beliefs they are willing to stand up for. In fact, they say God is what holds them together.

"God and our faith is what sustains us," Korie said. "It's what makes our life good."

The Robertsons have found the good life in just about everything they touch lately. From best-selling books on the New York Times famous list, to a line of merchandise that includes everything from duck calls to beef jerky.  Soup to nuts, they are doing it right and putting their trust in the Lord.  

They aren't taking success for granted, though. They know the rain falls on the just and the unjust everyday. They are just trying to bask in what the Lord has given them, and continue to have faith and do the Lord's work.  

"God's blessed us with a lot of opportunities at this point," Willie told FOX411. "Just like the movie 'God's Not Dead,' there's that element of faith that you have to have faith."

In the upcoming film, Willie, who plays himself, makes it clear.  

"We're not trying to offend anybody," Willie states in the film. "As far as my praying to Jesus, my life and my whole eternity belongs to God. The money, fame, success, temporary. Even life is temporary. Jesus, that's eternal."

Willie and Korie both said the scene was very realistic to them, as the Robertson family is used to having to defend their faith, and their story hasn't always been an easy one.

In the movie, Josh Wheaton finds his faith challenged on his first day of Philosophy class by the dogmatic and argumentative Professor Radisson. The story shows how Wheaton has to either reject God publicly, defend his faith, or fail the class. Like the real life Robertsons have had to do recently, Wheaton has to stand up and defend his beliefs.  

Rick Schenker, president of Ratio Christi, a grassroots campus student ministry, says this plot is very compelling, because many Christians face the same dillema everyday.

"This movie capsulizes the pressure Christian students face to renounce their convictions in a largely secular humanistic environment hostile to a biblical worldview." Shenker said.

 He said many Christians walk away from their faith when the pressure is on in college.  He hopes this movie will help equip the believe to stand strong like the Robertsons.

Like most Christians, and the young protagonist in 'God's Not Dead', the Robertson's walk with God hasn't always been easy or pleasant, either.  

"In our own lives, we were at all different stages [in our faith]," Willie revealed. "My father didn't come to the Lord until he was in his late 20s. It's not like a cake mix where you can just put it all together and it'll turn out perfectly. You got to let God do the work."

Willie's father, Phil Robertson, has also become known as a true Christian, unafraid of anyone who disagree with his beliefs, and unwilling to sell out his faith in God.  The family patriarch received harsh criticism last year when he told GQ Magazine he thought homosexuality was sinful and misguided, and the A&E network suspended Phil from "Duck Dynasty".  Even the network that produces the very popular show didn't understand the effect Phil and his faith had in so many people's lives.   They lifted the suspension nine days later after the public stood up to support Phil and the backlash against the network became heavy. 

In late February, at a press conference after the Robertson family received the inaugural Governor's Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, Phil said  that his new book, titled "unPHILtered: The Way I See It", would be his response to the suspension and the controversy.  The book will be published on September 2, according to Amazon.

"Gods Not Dead" hits theaters nationwide tomorrow.  

Korie and Willie Robertson God's Not Dead