Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 16 Recap: April Accused of Being a Gold Digger by Jackson's Mom Catherine (Watch Online Video)

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Grey's Anatomy season 10 episode 16 aired on March 20, 2014. Those who missed the show and have television subscription can watch the recorded program via live stream free through ABC's website after the episode airs.  

The March 20 episode of Grey's Anatomy begins with Dr. Webber's (James Pickens Jr.) birthday. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) then finds a patient who has a tiny spinal column hidden inside of his abdomen. She asked Dr. Webber to see the scans, and both of them got excited to operate on someone who has absorbed their own twin.

However, the patient's reaction to the news that he absorbed his twin in the womb is almost as bizarre. "I just found out I have a brother," he says as he grins widely across his face.

While everyone gathered to look at the scans, Dr. Webber mentions that they'll be removing the twin to the protest of the patient. Others became angry at Webber, thinking that he ruined the chance of getting a chance to witness this rare surgery by mentioning it was the patient's twin. 

Grey's Anatomy
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To get a chance at this extremely rare surgery, Webber promise the patient to get a jar filled with his absorbed twin. However, when Dr. Webber hands him a bucket with the tiny fetus skeleton, the patient panics and pushed back the tiny spinal column.

On the other hand, Jackson's (Jesse Williams) mother, Dr. Webber's girlfriend, Catherine Avery had Jackson and April (Sarah Drew) sit down in a conference room, where she accused April of marrying Jackson for his money. When April said she is not interested in the Avery family fortune, Catherine.

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