Christian Leader in China Released

( [email protected] ) Nov 04, 2003 09:23 AM EST

BEIJING, CHINA – Xiao Bi-guang, who was arrested in the Henan province late September for writing articles dealing with the Christian Charters – the text of principles that guide the underground church in China, was released to his home in Beijing, Thursday October 30.

Police reportedly could not find a link to prove that Xiao was involved in activities that "subverted the Chinese government and socialist system.” According to his wife, Gou Qinghui, Xiao was "not beaten or physically abused during his incarceration."

The Voice of the Martyrs Ministries, which publicized the information about Xioa’s arrest, credited Xiao’s release to publicity as well as prayers and protests of Christians around the world.

"This is proof positive that Christians around the world CAN make a difference with their prayers and their phone calls and letters to the Chinese embassy," said VOM spokesman Todd Nettleton. "We are so pleased to see the Chinese government show respect for justice in this case, and we thank God that Brother Xiao has been reunited with his wife and four-year-old son."

While Xiao thanked the Christians around the world for praying and supporting him, he asked that they continue to pray for Zhang Yi-nan, who was arrested with him on September 26.

"We encourage Christians to continue their calls, faxes and letters to the Chinese embassy on behalf of Brother Zhang as well as brother Liu Feng-gang," said Nettleton. "We know this can work, and we ask the Chinese government to release these innocent men immediately."