Nun Rocks Italy's 'The Voice' Singing Competition; Judges Left Flabbergasted by Awesome Performance (Video)

( [email protected] ) Mar 24, 2014 03:18 PM EDT

A 25-year-old nun rocked the stage at Italy's 'The Voice,' leaving the judges flabbergasted and the crowds cheering for more. Her video shortly became viral and has garnered over 25 million views since the video was posted on Youtube on March 19. 

Sister Cristina Scuccia belted out Alicia Key's "No One" as the judges sat with their chair back facing the stage. Her flawless rendition of the hit American singers song mixed with her personal style mesmerized the judges. However, they were in an even greater surprise when they swiveled their chair around to see a nun singing with uninhibited passion.

"Sister, sister, it was crazy," said one of the judges. 

The crowd cheered, her fellow sisters rallied at the responses of the unbelieving judges.

Nun Rocks It on Italy's 'The Voice'
Nun Rocks It on Italy's 'The Voice'

The judges asked her if she was really nun, to which she replied, "Yes, I am truly, truly, a sister.

"I came here because I have a gift and I want to share that gift," she said, according to Catholic News Agency. "I want to evangelize."

The incredulous judges asked Scuccia, a native of Sicily, what the Pope would think of her singing, to which she replied, "I am waiting for Pope Francesco to call me on the phone.

'He always says we should go out and evangelize telling God doesn't take anything away from us but will give us more," she said. "I am here for this."