Mia Robertson, Jase and Missy's Daughter, Cleft lip and Palate Surgery: Watch Duck Dynasty Season 5 Finale Video

( [email protected] ) Mar 30, 2014 07:45 PM EDT

A&E hit show Duck Dynasty Season 5 episode 10 titled "Stand by Mia" aired on March, 26. The Robertson family pulls together a family reunion to give Mia a big send-off before her cleft lip and palate surgery on the one hour season's finale.

The Robertson family shows support to Mia before her surgery. (Twitter/ Missy Robertson)

On the last episode, Mia Robertson, 11, the younger daughter of Jase and Missy Roberson is scheduled to have the fifth surgery for her cleft palate. Wanting to show family support before she goes to the hospital, everyone shows up to the family reunion to support her.

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Mia seems to be a brave little girl, willing to share her journey in front of the cameras. Jase and Missy Roberson even started the Mia Moo Fund, a non-profit organization to help raise awareness and fund research for causes and treatments of cleft lips and palates.

Mia had her first corrective surgery when she was 3 months old. At age 7 months, she underwent another surgery for her palate. When Mia was 5 years old, she had a second lip correction surgery in order to straighten the lip from her last 5 years of growth.

The most recent bone graft surgery that Mia had was on January 3, 2014. The surgeon took bone from her left hip and placed it in the cleft of her upper jaw.

Jase Robertson and his daughter Mia. (Photo: A&E)

Thankfully, Mia recovered well from the surgery and healed so rapidly. Jase says, "The hardest part was handing her off to the surgeons, knowing she was about to go through a lot of pain and suffering, even though I knew it was for the best," he tells Closer.

Jase also told the magazine that he has learned to rely on each member of the family, and also through the faith in God, he can stay positive and hopeful.

"Mia was born with a difficult challenge in her life. She has risen far above the expectations we had as parents. She now travels all over the country, speaking and singing to groups of people, encouraging them with her story of physical and emotional struggles. Watching how she deals with all of this in her life is difficult sometimes for us as parents, but she has become an inspiration to so many, including her daddy, her brothers and me. We couldn't be more proud of Mia." Missy Roberston shared at Miamoo.org.

If you miss the finale episode of "Stand by Mia", Click here to watch it now.