Syrian Civil War May be Spreading to Israel, Gaining Attention of U.S.

( [email protected] ) Mar 27, 2014 12:08 PM EDT
(Photo: New York Times)

The Syrian Civil War has been steadily growing over the last two years, but recent invasions have spread the war to Isreal and Turkey, expanding the cause for concern to U.S. interests.

What started as a military intervention by Syria on the protesting Arabic Ba'ath supporters in April of 2011 quickly grew into something more serious. A United Nations report pegged the death toll at 120,000 in September of 2013 with widespread claims of torture and human rights violations from both sides of the conflict. This war has also caused an astounding 6.5 million Syrian refugees to seek shelter in neighboring countries, including Lebanon and Isreal.

Throughout most of the war, the bloodshed had been contained within Syria's borders as it had evolved into a land claim between the Syrian government and opposing rebels. But this week saw military personnel enter Beirut, Lebanon as the Iran-backed Syrian military is thought to be pushing south into Isreal.

"Who is supplying these bombs?" Isreali prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said while visiting a field hospital where Isreal is treating the wounded. "Who's supplying these weapons? Iran. Who's giving the instructions? Iran. Who's giving the backing for this butchery? Iran."

Al Qaeda is also thought to be joining a sect of rebels to capture traditionally Christian towns in Syria. While the U.S., Turkey, and Saudia Arabia are supporting the rebel forces, local Syrians tell a different tale that holds Turkey at fault for some of the attacks against those whom they claim to support. But Turkey remains vigilant against the Syrian military as shown in a recent conflict where the Turkish air force shot down a Syrian plane for violating Turkey's air space.

Middle East expert Jonathan Spyer with the Gloria Institute shows concern over Iran's push to the Mediterranean Sea. "This would be an enormous victory for the Iran-led regional block. It would mean Iran then conclusively established a single pro-Iranian block stretching effectively from western Afghanistan, from the Iranian-Afghan border, all the way to Mediterranean Sea."

"This would be an immense victory for the Iranians, and therefore, an immense defeat for the U.S. interests," he warned.