'Noah' Movie Director Darren Aronofsky: ‘No One Has Done Noah Story on Film'

( [email protected] ) Mar 27, 2014 07:24 PM EDT
Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe as Noah (Photo: Paramount)

Darren Aronofsky, the director of 'Noah' movie, brought up a very interesting reminder to Christians: "no one has done the Noah story on film."

"It is one of the oldest stories ever told, it is one of our greatest stories, and it should be on the silver screen," he said Wednesday night at the New York premiere of the film, according to AP. "It's very exciting to bring something of this kind of scope and epic to the big screen."

Earlier this month, Aronofsky's comment on how the film was the "least biblical film ever made" and the use of F-word have drawn criticisms from Christian leaders. However, the major let down for some Christians is theologically inaccurate interpretation of Noah's character as portrayed by Russell Crowe. Perhaps, many had hoped that they could use the film as an evangelistic tool to reach their friends and family in order to help them understand the message of Noah. 

Meanwhile, some Christians purport that the Aronofsky's 'Noah' movie is a great opportunity to engage in conversations to help people come to a complete understanding of the scripture. Afterall, it is the first time ever that the story of Noah is brought to the theaters with a production cost exceeding $130 million. 

While the director acknowledged that he's trying to bring the movie to a relatable level, he also wants the audience to learn the lessons of original sin, second chances, and God's mercy. 

As far as taking artistic liberties to reach that story, Aronofsky says it would be impossible to make an exact retelling of the Noah story as it is only recorded in four chapters. 

Noah Movie
Russell Wilson and Jennifer Connelly. (Photo: Paramount)

Meanwhile, Russell Crowe, who plays Noah in the film, also commented on his joy of finally seeing the film released in theaters, where audience can finally see it for themselves.

"We have endured 12 to 14 months of irrational criticism and now people are starting to see it and realize how respectful it is, and how true to the source material it is and how intense of an experience it is in the movie theater, you know, so that's cool," he said.

Emma Watson, who plays Ila, the wife of Noah's son Shem, says she wasn't surprised by the response to the film.

"To be honest, I expected there to be controversy, I think all Biblical adaptations carry the weight of that because it is something that is so personal to people," she said. "Everyone interprets it differently, but so far, the response has been really positive, and I think the film, when people see it, (they) will realize that it is very sensitive and inclusive ... I'm really proud of the movie."

It opened in Mexico and Korea last weekend and was a strong No. 1 in both markets

The film releases Friday in theaters nationwide. 

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