Apple's iOS 8 Release Date, Rumors, Features: What We Know So Far Since iOS 7.1 Release

( [email protected] ) Apr 02, 2014 12:27 PM EDT

Apple iOS 7.1 launched less than a month ago, but Apple fans are already looking forward to rumors surrounding iOS 8 (codenamed Okemo) and what it may bring to the platform.

Based on previous iOS announcements, it's a safe bet that iOS 8 will be announced at this year's Worldwide Developer's Conference in June.

As for a feature set, the newest iOS is rumored to focus on more fixing of old problems than introducing new features. Apple Maps is said to be stepping it up to better compete with the much more popular Google Maps by introducing public transport directions for trains, subways, and busses for major US cities. This update to the app would also include more accurate directions, more visible streets, and a new technology that Apple patented last year that would add a whole new level of interactivity to what a map can offer.

Siri is also thought to be getting an overhaul with iOS 8 by introducing a way for the voiced personal assistant to interact directly with third party apps. This could open up a new level of voice recognition and voice controls that are growing in popularity this year.

The functionality of Notifications Center may also be tweaked to simplify the changes made in OS 7, removing the "All" and "Missed" notifications views.

A screenshot leak at 9to5Mac is said to prove the existence of a few apps making the move from OSX to the world of mobile. These include TextEdit, Tips, and Preview. A brand new Healthbook app is said to be integrated into iOS 8 that will help users track steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, and overall weight loss for the ever-increasing health-conscious crowd.

On the entertainment side, Game Center is rumored to be getting the boot in the newest OS with its services being moved over to the games themselves. The radio side of iTunes may be also breaking out on its own to be independent of its current location in the Music app.

The iPhone 6, which is also still heavily in the rumor stage, is said to be the flagship vessel that will introduce iOS 8, but that also remains to be seen.