Pakistan Methodist Church Rehabilitates Its Own Congregation

Feb 07, 2003 05:57 PM EST

The Methodist Church Of Pakistan announced the First Convention on Rehabilitation of MCP shall be held in February, 2003 in Punjab where members of Methodist congregation and leaders shall deliver lectures on Rehabilitation of Christians in Pakistan.

Mr. Jamshed John, Executive Secretary, said that it should be the first convention in this important issue in Pakistan where the participants shall invite proposals and year 2003-4 rehabilitation programmes of MCP will be given the final shape.

Secretary John urged the international community and Methodist churches abroad to become partner in this rehabilitation programme by their funding, moral support, donations and prayers.

He believes that its a great success and blessings of the Lord that MCP have been registered after 30 years with the government of Pakistan and operate in full swing to initiate the social welfare and uplift programmes of the Christians in Pakistan.

By Y.Hilado, ChToday Philippines
[email protected]