'Irreplaceable' Movie: Focus on the Family's Latest Film Receives Severe Backlash

( [email protected] ) Apr 10, 2014 10:49 PM EDT
Focus on the Family's yet to be released film "Irreplaceable" has received an overwhelming amount of negative press, including boycotts and threats of protests. Jim Daly asks Christians to pray for protesters and says he hopes the Holy Spirit will work through the film.

Focus on the Family's one-day movie event "Irreplaceable" has recently received a heavy onslaught of negative media coverage.

While the movie itself won't be released until May 6, the trailer to the film-which was released in December-- has alone garnered a great deal of buzz.  

The seemingly innocuous trailer includes a voiceover of host and New Zealand executive producer Tim Sisarich asking what happened to the belief in traditional family. He questions when culture became averse to the idea of a man and woman marrying, raising children, and maintaining a lifelong commitment.

However, as Jim Daly of Focus on the Family writes on the organization's website, "We quickly learned that according to some, there are some questions you can't ask-or you'll suffer the consequences."

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These "consequences" include multiple boycotts and threats of protests, while some critics took to social media to voice their disapproval, calling the film "anti-gay propaganda" and "vile" via twitter.  There is also a Change.org petition against the film. The introduction to the petition states, "The trailer for the film is now showing before previews at mainstream movies and makes it appear as though it is an innocent documentary about family and marriage but further investigation reveals that it is actually anti-LGBT propaganda." The petition has 622 signatures to date.

"Irreplaceable" is a documentary-style film exploring families in modern culture. The film tells a story of forgiveness and discovery for Tim Sisarich. His journey includes a search for purpose of the family and an investigation of how the sexual revolution, feminism, and a lack of accountability for men has resulted in the destruction of the family worldwide.

One theater in Ohio has already decided not to show the film to heed the complaints of patrons and avoid controversy.

Jim Daly urges Christians to "Pray that the Holy Spirit will make the truths found in this film...about God's design for family and how His character is reflected through that design - come alive in the hearts and minds of those who watch "Irreplaceable."

He also asks viewers to pray for those protesting the film, writing that he believes that "this heart-change can be what God uses to help heal our culture."

Daly says he hopes that the film "ignites a counter-cultural revolution that inspires husbands and wives to live lives committed to each other, and that moms and dads can see the beauty and worth of their everyday sacrifices as they parent their kids."