E. African Church Accused Police 'Cover Up' Drama

Feb 20, 2003 12:12 PM EST

Rev. Byrum Makokha, head of the Church of God in East Africa, is now accusing Buru Buru Police of "cover up" in criminal incidents that hit Buru Buru church.

Makokha explained that police had failed to prosecute suspects in assaulting pastors posted to the church by the General Assembly.

" Many of our pastors who have been posted to the church have faced problems and harassment, but when the matter is reported to the Buru Buru police, no action is taken," said Makokha.

" My pastors have even recorded statements with the police, but no action is taken against the culprits" said Makokha.

The head of the church said all decision made by the General Assembly must be respected by the congregation at the Buru Buru church.

He wondered why the congregation was ignoring the General Assembly decision by insisting on the defrocked Pastor Obed Ochwanyi.

Meanwhile, the church congregation defied their head office ban from holding prayers and went ahead with their Sunday Service.

The congregation came to church and went ahead with prayers with most of them saying they were unaware of the ban by the head of the church.

Prayers at the church went ahead uninterrupted without police presence. Two spokesman of the church, Messrs Benn Mumanyi and Joseck Aswani said they were ready to be autonomous from the head office in Kima, Vihiga District.

The duo said the head of the church wanted to have a direct control of the funds contributed by the congregation.

"The problems here began in 1999 when Makokha wanted to have direct control of the funds contributed for projects undertaken by the Buru Buru Church of God", Mumanyi said.

He also said Makokha was a conservative who wanted to control whatever went on in the church.

By Y.Hilado, ChToday Philippines
[email protected]