Jeremy Lin, Dwight Howard, Rockets' Players Exhibit Strong Team Chemistry Entering Playoffs (Video)

( [email protected] ) Apr 22, 2014 09:30 PM EDT
Jeremy Lin
(Photo: Screen capture from Youtube/The Gospel Herald)

Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin released Easter Sunday a short video titled "Jeremy Lin - Day in the Life: Road Trip," in which the team's growing chemistry is evident through the players' interactions - both serious moments before a game and light-hearted moments while traveling to the next away-game.

The devout evangelical Christian NBA player explained the challenges that he experiences while on the road to play against opposing teams throughout the United States.

"Playing on the road is very tough in the NBA. You have to factor in many different things," said the first Chinese-American NBA player. "Whether it's the travel, the plane flights, sleeping in at different bag, getting in late at night, there are a lot of different challenges. On top of that, there are a lot more back to backs."

To adapt to these challenges, Lin, 25, said he would workout, stretch on the day of the game around noon in order to warm up his body. And after practices, he would play cut-throat king-of-the-hill one-on-one basketball with James Harden, Francisco Garcis and Omri Casspi.

"It is just good to play against players who are taller and longer. James is an elite scorer and Cisco is an unbelievable defender," said Lin. "So just to be able to play with players like that helps me prepare for the game."

During summer of 2013, trade rumors of Lin and Omer Asik getting traded from Rockets spread as former Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard signed with Houston as a free-agent. Despite these rumors, Lin remained on the team as Rockets' GM Daryl Morey emphasized that he will stay and Howard voicing his desire to play with Lin. And a crucial factor for Howard to sign with Houston was the existing team chemistry and bond that the Rockets' players exhibited.

Lin's video is a testimony to how their team chemistry has developed, especially with the many footages of Howard just enjoying his time with the Rockets players.

"Because we spent so much time together, we end up becoming like a brotherhood, like a family," said Lin, adding that strong bond, strong friend with team in spirit is important to be successful in playing against opposing teams every night on the road.

Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverley
(Photo: Screen capture from Youtube/The Gospel Herald)

The video showed Howard busting out dance moves in a circle formed by Rockets players, and Lin embracing Patrick Beverley, who replaced him as the starting point guard, before a game began.

On a flight from Phoenix to Sacramento, Lin describes how the players try to be as light-hearted as possible - Howard and the players chanted "Howard sucks" while Howard kept on even after everyone stopped or Howard using his smartphone to snap a picture of Lin napping.

Jeremy Lin, Dwight Howard, and Chandler Parson
(Photo: Screen capture from Youtube/The Gospel Herald)
Jeremy Lin
(Photo: Screen capture from Youtube/The Gospel Herald)

The Rockets builds their team chemistry through another secret yet trending weapon - Clash of Clans. Lin shared that about ten people, including players and staffs, are on the Clan together, where they would always play and help one another and attack enemy bases.

As this is the second year that Lin reached the Playoffs, the 25-year-old player has gone through many ups and downs despite his meteoric rise to stardom during Linsanity in 2012. He closed this short video with a message of thanks to his fans and followers.

"I personally just want to thank you guys for all your support through the ups and downs throughout this past season," he said. "I really believe in our team and I think that our team has the chance to do something really special during this postseason, so thank you red nation and get ready, the playoffs are here."