Samsung Galaxy Note 4 US Release Date 2014: Rumors Abound After Accidental Release

( [email protected] ) Apr 26, 2014 12:26 PM EDT
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Still a long way off before its debut, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is once again the subject of gossip following an allegedly accidental release of information that if true confirms the release of the new device sometime in the second half of this year.

Rumors have begun circulating in earnest after a recent update allowing all PCs using Microsoft Windows to share data with Samsung's mobile devices via the SideSync service. On Wednesday, French-language site Planet-Galaxy unveiled a screenshot capture showing a list of compatible devices that includes the Galaxy Note 4. Whether the leak was intentional to add fuel to the rumor mill remains uncertain.
Of significance, the information seems to suggest that Galaxy Note 4 will be available sometime around IFA 2014 in Berlin. Previously, the Suwon-based multinational conglomerate has released the Galaxy Note at the German-based tech convention.

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Although Samsung has not formally confirmed the Galaxy Note 4 release date, the higher-ups have certainly not been shy about leaving tantalizing hints of the device's capabilities. Just last week, and without revealing much detail, Samsung's senior vice president Yoon Han-kil cryptically told Reuters that the company will release a new Galaxy Note handset with a "new form factor" in the second half of this year.

Earlier this year in January, the executive vice president of Samsung's mobile division, Lee Young Hee told Bloomberg that the Galaxy Note 4 may implement a three-sided screen so that messages can be read from different angles.

It is believed that the Galaxy Note 4 will have a faster processor, improved screen resolution, and faster data speeds via LTE-Advanced. Also, the device may be significantly larger in size than its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3. For security, a personalized handwriting recognition function may be added to unlock the handset. The same function potentially can be used to call contacts as well. The device may also include a dusty and waterproof design, which comes standard with the soon-to-be-released Galaxy S5.

Also in the realm of possibility, the Note 4 may sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor - a recently announced quad-core Krait 450 chip that can be clocked upwards to 2.7 GHZ. The processor also supports 4K resolution, which is better known as Ultra HD. If this information is accurate, the Galaxy Note 4 may become the first 4K screen handset to hit the market.