Mother's Day 2014 Gift Ideas for New Mom, Wife, Grandma In Your Life and Church

( [email protected] ) May 10, 2014 01:07 PM EDT

As you think of Mother's Day, how many women in your life come to mind?  Besides the woman who birthed and/or raised you, you might be thinking about a daughter who has given you grandchildren, or a Mother-in-law you are just getting to know, or a special coworker who has been a motherly presence in your life. The possibilities are nearly endless, really. For me the total is 3 different mothers I needed to think of this Mother's Day.  My dear mama, who brought me into this world, my beautiful wife, who raises our children with me, and my mother-in-law who lives in Florida and I only get to see just a few times a year.   

As Mother's day approaches, and we consider all that we have to be thankful for in our uniquely  beautiful matriarchs, coming up with special gift ideas for each one can be some what difficult.   

Well, as always, we at the Gospel Herald are here to help.  Here are some inspired Mother's Day gift ideas for an array of different mothers who may populate your life as well.

We all have to start somewhere.  And if you get married, then you may want to earn some brownie points with your new mom-in-law by picking up a mother's day lotion-soap gift set from Thistle Farms, in Nashville, Tn.  Thistle Farms is a Christian organization that advocates for and rehabilitates women who have been the victim of domestic violence, addiction, and life on the streets. They make "handmade products, as good for the earth as they are for the body." For just $23, your new mom will see you are a thoughtful guy who knows how to pick up a nice gift set, too.  

Or maybe you need an inexpensive gift for a mom or grandmom who has most everything they need already.  If this one is for grandmother, then this one is a no brainer! Have the grandkids make a mother day gift, or better yet, work as a family for a unique mothers day gift that says "We Love You".  Here is a website with some great craft ideas.

If this is your mom, and you feel a little too old for arts and crafts, then take her out for a movie, or better yet, take her for a bike ride or a nature hike.  Sometimes mom needs the grown kids encouragement, and you tell mom you love her when you encourage her to do something healthy, especially if it also includes time with you!

DropCam Pro

Mom can mean so much more than domestic queen in this day and age, so there is certainly room for a tech mom on our list.  You know the one, sharp as a whip and running more than just the home from a handheld device.  Mom's these days are sometimes fast paced and on the go.  So what about a Dropcam Pro for that mom on the go?  For $129, this little baby lets her keep a motherly eye over just about anywhere, even in total darkness, from anywhere on the planet that has an internet connection.

Heartbeat Bear

Or maybe one of the moms in your life is just getting started on her motherly journey, and you want the perfect gift for her and the new baby.  A $35 heartbeat bear may be the perfect gift for an expectant mother.  It records the baby's heartbeat so mom will have a keepsake of those precious sounds for years to come.  New moms feel love when their little ones are recognized!

So what about that sweet Christian Mom who still prays for you all the time? The one who has marked time with God as she tried to raise children who would honor Him, seeking after God for the good of herself and her little charges?  Obviously there are no gifts that could match the gift she gives, but a Dotmom empowerment conference and weekend getaway would show her you appreciate and support her efforts.  

Dotmom conference

The conference, sponsored by Lifeway and held in Nashville, isn't until September 19-20, but that would give her time to get ready.  Early bird tickets are $69, and the event is to encourage and equip moms as they raise kids to know and love Christ. It's a time for all moms to come together that's spiritually refreshing, equipping, and fun.

So what ever type of mom you have to think about, we hope these ideas inspire your plans to celebrate the love you share with them.  There really is no more important job, and all these dear, unique ladies deserve to be recognized!