American Idol Winner Kris Allen, Singer of 'Live Like We're Dying,' Discusses Overcoming Tragedy

( [email protected] ) May 05, 2014 08:06 PM EDT
American Idol Winner Kris Allen
American Idol winner Kris Allen discusses his passion for music and fatherhood which has allowed him to overcome multiple obstacles. (Photo: Kris Allen Website)

American Idol winner Kris Allen has experienced a challenging couple of years.

The professing Christian and former worship leader recently spoke out about overcoming tragedy and once again finding happiness, Rolling Stone reports.

In 2012, Allen released "Thank You Camellia," receiving very little promotion and getting dropped from both 19 Management and RCA Records shortly after. In 2013, he experienced a bittersweet year, becoming a father but shattering his wrist in a head-on car crash. After several surgeries, he still has a difficulty moving his wrist, affected his guitar playing.

However, the "Live Like We're Dying" singer has remained strong and optimistic about his future.

"I remember the first time I looked at [my wrist], I said, 'I'll probably never be able to play again,'" Allen told Yahoo Music. "But after three surgeries and playing with a cast on, over and over again, I figured it out. It's not the same way of playing, but I do play guitar, which is great. I'm glad that I'm still able to do that and write songs."

Allen says he continued touring despite his physician's orders to rest, motivated to get well by his son, Oliver.

"They were like, 'You had surgery four days ago; please do not go out on the road for a month and a half!' So, yeah, it was a bad idea. It was dumb. But you know, I've never canceled a show for any reason - and I still haven't. My biggest worry was like, 'I want to be able to pick up my kid,'" he reveals. "I remember the day that he was born, I was able to pick him up, and I was like, 'That's all that matters."

Allen says the birth of his son has influenced his music in tremendous ways.

"[My music] is not so self-focused anymore. It's like you're trying to support this thing, and also, you want this person to be proud of you. So I feel like I've tried to step up my game a little bit, because I want my kid to look back on the things that I've done and go, 'Man, my dad was cool!'"

Legendary CCM producer Charlie Peacock, who is known for his work with a variety of Christian artists including Switchfoot and Amy Grant, will produce Allen's next album which is set to be released this summer.

Kris says he believes he has grown significantly since his stint with American Idol, and believes the experience will help him in the future.

"I was like a deer in headlights," Kris says of his "Idol" experience. "You get thrown into it all. But over the past five years, I feel like I've learned a ton, and I now really enjoy this career. It's a lot of fun."