Mother's Day 2014 Gift Ideas for Special Mom, Wife, Mother-in-Law, and Grandma

( [email protected] ) May 05, 2014 08:18 PM EDT
This Mother's Day, celebrate your mom, mother in law, or grandma by giving her a gift that is both thoughtful and creative. We've made a list of gifts that will be sure to please every special lady in your life, from the chocolate lover to the fitness fanatic.
Happy Mother's Day! (Photo: Hungry for Change)

It's almost Mother's Day, and your mother, mother in law or wife deserves something special and unique to best celebrate her this holiday. We've collected a variety of personal and memorable gifts that will be sure to please every lady in your life, from the chocolate lover to the fitness fanatic.

1. For the Sentimental Lady: A picture of her and her mother in a beautiful picture frame.

A guaranteed tear-jerker:the picture should be one she hasn't seen in a long time - maybe her and her mother when she was a little girl, or perhaps her grandmother if they were particularly close. Place the photo in a beautiful, unique frame--your mother will treasure it forever.

2. For the Earth Lover: Pangea Organics.

Your environmentally savvy mother will love Pangea Organics. All of their gift packages come with individually wrapped bar soaps, shower gels, and lotions and arrive in a beautiful recycled box inlaid with spruce seeds-soak them, plant-and in two weeks a baby Spruce tree will appear. Better yet, all proceeds to go charity.

 Gift sets start at $16 at

3. For the Beauty Fanatic: Lush Charity Pot.

For the beauty loving lady, Lush's hand and body lotion is the perfect gift. All lotions are made with fair-trade cocoa-butter, and proceeds-100 percent after taxes-go to the organization featured on the lid of each pot. WaterCan, TreePeople, Amazon Conservation Team and International Fund for Animal Welfare are only a few available at .

4. For the Fashion Diva: Fair Trade Silk Scarf.

 The fashion-savvy lady will adore these scarves from Global Goods Partners. The scarves not only support a great cause, but are stylish and beautiful and come in a variety of colors and prints. Each scarf is hand-sewn and dyed by women in need around the world, and are within every budget-they range from 30$ to 140$!

5. For the Chocolate Lover: Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Harry and David.

Chocolate is a popular gift for a reason--who doesn't love chocolate? The strawberries are classic and perfect for summer-especially when covered in chocolate. Mom will love these strawberries, each individually hand dipped in pure Belgian chocolate by a team of artisan chocolate specialists.

6. For the Lounger: Mom's Personalized Silk Pajamas from Red Envelope.

For the mother who loves to be comfortable, these elegant, comfortable pajamas are a must-have. Whether for reading the paper or breakfast in bed, silk pajamas are the ultimate in luxury loungewear. To add a personal touch, these pajamas can be monogrammed especially for your mom, girlfriend or wife.

7. For the Fitness Guru: Workout clothes and a certificate for a class together.

Cute, new workout clothes are always great motivation to exercise-and it will be extra special if she can work out with you. Schedule a class the two of you can take together at a local gym and plan to take her out to brunch after at one of her favorite restaurants.

8. For the Jewelry Lover: Mother and child necklace

 The jewelry loving mother will be touched by this unique necklace. The sculpted figurine necklace from John and Linda Whitney celebrates your unbreakable familial bond by linking up to three children. Each piece is individually forged, soldered, cast and cold-connected by metalsmiths.

9. For the Foodie: Breakfast in bed.

Last but not least-breakfast in bed is guaranteed to make your mother feel loved. Make her favorite breakfast foods, and add a hand-picked flower in a tiny vase or a handmade card to make it extra special.

Make sure you let the special lady in your life know how much you appreciate her by honoring her with a special gift this Mother's Day!