Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Price, Release Date: Developer Edition Now Available Online at $599

( [email protected] ) May 06, 2014 10:49 PM EDT

Verizon has exclusively released the Developer Edition of the Samsung Galaxy s5 flagship smartphone, with unlockable bootloader.

For those unfamiliar with this internal mode, unlocking the bootloader may lead to the unpleasant experience of breaking the phone. In other words, this design feature is best left to the more experienced tinkerers. The average consumer should be content with buying the regular edition of the Samsung Galaxy s5.

There are also other consideration to pay attention to. The Develop Edition will not pick up on the Verizon network, for example. Also, the Developer Edition is the 16GB version of the Galaxy s5, and is only available in Charcoal Black.  

Retailing at $599.00, the Developer Edition of the Galaxy s5 is being sold at the same price as the regular model, and is available for purchase on the Verizon online store. The release of the Developer Edition comes one month after the worldwide launch of the Samsung Galaxy s5, which has since then sold to users in more than 125 nations.