Bill Gates: Creation Is Proof There's a God

May 07, 2014 02:02 PM EDT

Software mogul Bill Gates is arguably the most notable entrepreneur of the century. Named as one of Forbes' wealthiest men for his massive fortune gained from the success of his company, Microsoft, Gates seemingly has the world at his fingertips.

However, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Gates reveals despite his incredible success, creation still strikes him with awe, proving the existence of an intelligent Maker.

"[T]he mystery and the beauty of the world is overwhelmingly amazing, and there's no scientific explanation of how it came about. To say that it was generated by random numbers, that does seem, you know, sort of an uncharitable view," he told the magazine. "I think it makes sense to believe in God, but exactly what decisions in your life you make differently because of it, I don't know."

In the interview, Gates discusses consumer technology, wealth and the inspiring amount of charity work performed by The Gates Foundation. He says his foundation strives to better the world through alleviating poverty.

"I've been very lucky, and therefore I owe it to try and reduce the inequity in the world. And that's kind of a religious belief. I mean, it's at least a moral belief," Gates reveals.

Although Gates does not affiliate himself with anyone one denomination, he believes church is extremely important.

"The moral systems of religion, I think, are super important. We've raised our kids in a religious way; they've gone to the Catholic church that Melinda goes to and I participate in," he continues.

Gates formed Microsoft in 1975 after dropping out of Harvard. The company grew to a multi-billion dollar success due to its unmatched developments in the technological world.

The Gates Foundation is one of the biggest non-profit organizations in the world, with Gates donating $28 billion to the foundation. In 2005, Bill his wife Melinda were named alongside Bono as Persons of Year the by TIME magazine for their charitable work.

The website for The Gates Foundation says the organization is dedicated to "improving the quality of life for individuals around the world. From the education of students in Chicago, to the health of a young mother in Nigeria, we are catalysts of human promise everywhere."