Abortion Clinics Push School Sex Ed. to Profit from Abortions, Says Ex-Abortion Clinics Owner

( [email protected] ) May 13, 2014 05:19 PM EDT
Carol Everett recently spoke about the “marketing strategy” that abortion clinics use to bait young females through sex education to engage in sexual activity and later to abort their children at the National March for Life Rose Dinner in Ottawa, Canada.
Former abortion provider Carol Everett speaks at the National March for Life Rose Dinner in Ottawa.
Credit: Peter Baklinski/LifeSiteNews.com

Carol Everett recently spoke about the "marketing strategy" that abortion clinics use to bait young females through sex education to engage in sexual activity and later to abort their children at the National March for Life Rose Dinner in Ottawa, Canada.

Abortion providers believe that their "product" demands a market, and some have turned to prey on the most naïve and innocent - our young children - in order to reap profits from abortion. "How do you sell an abortion? In the U.S. it's very simple: You do it through sex education," says Carol Everett, former owner of several abortion clinics. The model that her clinics used to encourage abortion was to introduce temptation to sexual activity when children are young - even in kindergarten - and hope for some of them to get pregnant at a young age later on.

Life Site News reports that Everett owned four abortion clinics for roughly six years, and aborted around 35,000 children with hopes of becoming a millionaire before she came to Christ. "We had a goal of 3-5 abortions from every girl between the ages of 13 and 18," she says.

Everett says that many in the abortion industry are paid on commission, so they are intent on marketing their "product" to even the most vulnerable in our society. They would ideally begin soliciting abortions in pre-school, getting young children to think and talk about their private parts with hopes of eradicating the modesty and values that many of their parents were instilling in them. As their grade school education progresses, young students are taught the basics of sexual intercourse. They later learn about birth control, and young women are often encouraged to use "the pill" as protection.

"My goal was to get them sexually active on a low-dose birth control pill that we knew they would get pregnant on. How do you do that? You give them a low dose birth control pill that, in order to provide any level of protection, has to be taken accurately at the same time every single day. And you know and I know, there's not a teen in the world who does everything the same time every day," Everett says.

Once a young girl becomes pregnant, she is often too ashamed to tell her parents. Those who called Everett's abortion clinics were heavily persuaded that they only had one option for their pregnancy - to terminate their "product of conception." They even sold women abortions when their pregnancy test was negative. Everett claims that nearly half of the women who decide to abort a child in the United States end up having multiple abortions if they get pregnant again in the future.

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The once wealthy abortion provider later became a Christian, and has since become a pro-life advocate. "I finally decided that yes, the Lord did want me to speak out, and that I would become involved in this Movement. Now what I do is just go around and tell people the truth about what really happens inside one of the abortion mills," Everett says.

She had had an abortion on her third child many years ago, when her ex-husband had told her he didn't want the baby. "You know, I go back to my own personal healing ... I was making deals with God. I didn't want to talk about my own abortion. Then when I finally did deal with it, I cried nonstop for five months because, you see, I killed my baby, and I'm still not through that ... How difficult it is for all these women ... I believe that every woman, even if she's not physically harmed, is harmed by abortion," she says.

Everett's advice for parents of children in public schools is to find out what sort of sex education is taught to their children. "If those children are shamed by what they hear, they will not come home and tell you what they heard," she says.

Everett now runs the Heidi Group, a pro-life pregnancy center which is "dedicated to helping girls and women in unplanned pregnancies make positive, life-affirming choices for themselves and their babies." She also encourages pro-life believers to picket in front of abortion clinics - "Every time you're in front ... they slow down. An abortionist who brags and thinks he can do eight to ten, maybe even twelve abortions an hour, with a picketer in front of him, will slow down. Do four, six, three, something--but he'll slow down. He's afraid of you," she says.