Gospel Music Artist JKingdom: ‘We Need to Pray for Donald Sterling’

( [email protected] ) May 14, 2014 01:13 PM EDT
Christian artist JKingdom

Pop Christian artist JKingdom is urging Christians to pray for disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling, who was caught on tape last month making a series of racist remarks. 

"We need to pray that God will change his heart and introduce him to the knowledge that we are not the color of our skin. We all bleed red and we are human," adds the gospel artist whose new single "Wanna Be Close" is currently in rotation on more than 60 gospel stations. "If enough Christians pray for him, I believe God can do for him what he has done for many of us which is change hearts. The word of God commands that we forgive because we have been forgiven."

Though he is known in Gospel music as the recording artist JKingdom, the California native who is extremely passionate about the ministry preaches at the Greater Zion Church Family in Compton, California where he draws a weekly congregation of 4,000 members. Pastor Michael J.T. Fisher, as he is known to his congregation also co-hosts the weekly TV show "What's Up With That" which addresses prevalent issues within the church and the community and airs on Dish and Direct TV.

A recipient of the Christian Service Merritt Award from the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, he was only 18 when he accepted God's call to the Gospel Ministry. An inevitable calling as his father and two older brothers are also pastors.

"I always felt that this was my calling and was forcing myself to deny it, but in my senior year of high school I had a Jonah experience," he shares. "I lost my job, my money and my car all in one week and I went to a revival that was happening and the preacher was preaching about Jonah. I knew then he was talking to me."

His inspiring weekly messages draw a huge following and his uplifting performances have earned him notoriety and a faithful fan base in the Christian community. With a unique style of non-traditional gospel music, the 34 year-old singer/songwriter has shared the stage with artists such as Marvin Sapp, Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winans, Shirley Caesar, Jessica Reedy and written music for Yolanda Adams.

"If he [Donald Sterling] truly in his heart feels that way about African-Americans, then we need to pray for him," he continues. "As Christians, we have to forgive him for you do not fight fire with fire. If we continue to promote the message of Jesus Christ and also the message of one of our great icons Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we can pull in people like Donald Sterling."

JKingdom is currently working on his second album "Complete Deliverance" which will be released in August.