Actress Stacey Dash Blasts 'Mom's Night Out' Critics for Hypocrisy, Sexism

( [email protected] ) May 14, 2014 03:51 PM EDT
Actress Stacey Dash tweets that movie critics who blast Christian film "Mom's Night Out" for its pro-family message are hypocritical and sexist.
Stacey Dash blast ''Mom's Night Out'' critics for their hypocrisy and sexism concerning women's roles. (Getty Images)

Actress Stacey Dash took to Twitter on Monday to respond to critics' negative reviews of the movie "Moms' Night Out," a family comedy that portrays women in conventional roles.

Dash tweeted about the hypocrisy of "pro-choice" critics who are sexist in their own way.

"Female critics of [Mom's Night Out] are VERY pro-choice. Unless of course a woman chooses to be a homemaker. Then, of course, she's a moron," she posted.

Despite the film's outstanding reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and 7 out of 10 rating on Internet Movie Database, critics denounce the film as "sexist" and "unrelatable."

"Mainly, you have to wonder why [main character] Allyson doesn't just hire a nanny, find a job and get out of the house," wrote a reporter on "Ah, but this is a Christian movie, and once it stops pelting an audience with comic incident, it begins preaching."

Dash responded, tweeting ,"If you want to see sexism, read some of the "critics" "reviews" of #MomsNightOut! They insult every stay-at-home mom in the US #Twits."

This is not the first time the film, directed by Christian producers Jon and Andy Erwin, has come under fire for its pro-family message.

Christy Lemire of lambasted the film as "depressingly regressive and borderline dangerous," saying that it "peddles archaic notions of gender roles in the name of wacky laughs."

She continued: "The ultimate message here is unmistakable, regardless of your religious beliefs: A woman's place is in the home, not out on the town."

In response, Jon Erwin stated that media bias and an inability to understand Christian audiences explains film critic's negative reviews.

Movie director Jon Erwin stated that media bias and an inability to understand Christian audiences are at the heart of film critics' negative reviews of "Moms' Night Out."

"[My brother and I] are trying to represent a group of people to Hollywood that they don't understand," he said.

He told that audience members have raved about the film's faith and family-friendly message.

He said his team received overwhelmingly positive reviews from audiences, which was screened for 20,000 people before its release. No one ever claimed that it was "anti-feminist," Erwin said, until the media's reviews emerged this week.

"We heard over and over again ... moms love it," he said. "They said it was their story."