NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Say Goodbye to Jeff Green, Send Rajon Rondo to Houston Rockets

( [email protected] ) May 14, 2014 11:04 PM EDT
Rajon Rondo
Rondo is one of the NBA's best playmaking point guards. (Photo:

How long after a rebuild does it take for an NBA team to see some success?  How long does a full effect rebuild take? The Boston Celtics are trying to figure that out as you read this.

Celtic fans reflect back to when they got Kevin Garnett from Minnesota, and hope they see history repeat itself this offseason and can some how pull Kevin Love from the Timberwolves. He could be the big name, big man that could take the place of Garnett who was just traded to Brooklyn, along with fellow NBA Champion Paul Pierce, at the end of last season.  But most in Beantowne will tell you that getting Love like they once got Garnett is a longshot.

The hype around the team's trades this offseason point to some kind of trade involving Rajon Rondo. The team's Champion point guard is at full strength on the court, and he is definitely a clutch player, but building around him might make Danny Ainge, Boston's Chief of Basketball Operations, a little nervous. But now is the time to sell high in the case of Rondo, even though it would be very upsetting to the fanbase.    

Never one to show strong off the court leadership, Rondo is still very popular in Boston.  A trade involving him would be unpopular, but the Celtics may be able to acquire some valuable pieces by moving him.  

Boston is loaded in the draft too, so they could try and grab a playmaker point guard from the draft and move Rondo to Houston, since The Rockets and Celtics had been in talks to do that already.  

According to ESPN, the Rockets like Rondo and targeted him last year.  Apparently the team didn't want to give up Chandler Parsons at the time, so the deal fell through.  

After this season's playoff run, Houston management has to understand if they can get some play making from the point guard position, then they get serious about taking on some of the league's top contenders.  Rondo would fill that bill nicely, and the Celtics have shown interest in Omer Asik already this year, so he might be part of a trade package to land Rondo.  

According to Bleacher Report, Asik would fill a great defensive need for Boston, and it's likely they will go after him pretty hard this offseason since he is on an expiring contract.

Jeff Green
Green has two years left on his contract in Boston. (Photo: Red's Army)

Another thing most Celtic fans would like to see according to online polling, is Forward Jeff Green to be moved on to less green pastures.  

In his ongoing efforts to work through the rebuild,  Ainge has made Green readily available for the better part of this season. with the most notable interest coming from the Atlanta Hawks.  

If the Celtics could shed the enigmatic, extremely gifted, but underperforming Green, whose 41 percent from the field this year didn't justify the $18 million he is due if he stays in Boston the next two seasons, it would free up some salary. As most know, that is the nature of rebuilding, and something the Celtics are trying to do.  

According to Grantland's Zach Lowe, the Washington Wizards have also shown interest in Green, so Ainge may have some options for the 28 year old.