NBA Trade Rumors: Derek Fisher to Coach New York Knicks? Carmelo Anthony Can't Resist Houston Rockets

( [email protected] ) May 15, 2014 03:06 PM EDT

If a solid foundation is a marker of success to come, then the New York Knicks are in good shape.

With the recent hire of legend Phil Jackson as President, the foundation for future greatness is in place.  Now, they just need a coach to keep building on that structure.  

As most fans are aware by now, the favorite to take the job, One of Jackson's proteges-in-the-making, Steve Kerr, dissed the Knicks and his old coach and took the job at Golden State.

If you listen to the NBA grapevine, you get a sense where the team might be looking for their new coach.  

Although some are calling for the Knicks to pick up Mark Jackson, who was just fired by Golden State after turning the team around,  a safer bet is probably on another one of Phil Jackson's pupils.  For instance, Derek Fisher, currently with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Fisher was Jackson's point guard on five championship Lakers teams and you have to think he is a likely candidate after the Thunder make their run through the playoffs this year.  

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Fisher was known as a leader while with Jackson's Lakeshow, on and off the court, so Jackson has seen how he deals with people, and the press in a large market, and more importantly, how he runs the triangle.  Fisher has also served as the President of the NBA Players Union and has an 18 year playing career.

Kurt Rambis, an assistant under Jackson with the Lakers and former head coach, also is a possibility, but if Jackson wants new blood in the coaching ranks, he will probably go with Fisher.  

Once the new coach is in place, next the holes on the team will need to be addressed.  Or, more apply, the giant crater that will exist if they lose Carmelo Anthony to free agency this summer.  Anthony will not be without choices, as he is probably the hottest basketball commodity on the planet right now.   The Rockets, Bulls and Mavericks are the top contenders, with Chicago and Houston setting the pace.  Houston is looking to develop its own three star package with James Harden and Dwight Howard, while the Bulls feel he could be the missing piece alongside Derrick Rose.

Anthony led the Knicks in scoring last season with 27 points per game and he is their main focus as they head into the summer. He can get the longest term from the Knicks probably, and maybe the most money per year,  but he is also looking for a ring or seven or eight.  Most estimates, given the parity in the league, put the Knicks at about two years out of being a serious contender, so if he wants to multilply the bling-bling, he is probably heading elsewhere to do it.