Watch Dogs Release Date for PS4, Xbox One, Tablet: Pre-Order Bonus at GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy

( [email protected] ) May 17, 2014 08:13 PM EDT
Ubisoft recently released the 101 Trailer for Watch Dogs, an upcoming open-world game where players taken on the role of super-hacker Aiden Pearce. Here is a rundown of features that will make this game one of the hottest titles in 2014.

Ubisoft recently released the 101 Trailer for Watch Dogs, an upcoming open-world game where players taken on the role of super-hacker Aiden Pearce. It is scheduled for release on May 27, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, WiiU and PC. The standard edition retails for $59.99 while Limited Edition retails for $129.99, and pre-orders are available at AmazonGameStopBest BuyTarget and Walmart. You will also get the pre-order bonuses, depends on what retailer that you get it from.  

Here is a rundown of features that will make this game one of the hottest titles in 2014. Watch Dogs is set in the Chicago of the near-distant future, the game allows players to choose between using Pearce's talent skills for good or for evil. According to Ubisoft, the player will turn the city into a weapon by using hacking into CTOS - the central operating system that manages every piece of machinery in the city. Using a mobile device, players have a plethora of hacking powers that include stopping traffic lights, jamming communication, accessing bank accounts, controlling cameras, and creating massive blackouts.

One feature that deserves attention is the ability for individuals to enter into other players' single-player game - blurring the line between single and multiplayer gameplay. Players in multiplayer mode can accept hacking contracts, and once accepted can start hacking attacks against players in single-player mode. Everything is not one-side though, and single-players can retaliate with counter-hacks. In theory, this feature removes the sense of privacy for players in single-player mode, which reflects real-world uncertainties with the internet. This feature promises to enhance the re-playability of this game.

The game also allows tablet-users to join in on the fun. Tablet-users can download various apps that allows the individual to influence multiplayer gameplay via mobile device. One notable app is the CTOS app that allows users to play the role of the Chicago Police Department, which is cracking down on hackers. Users can control traffic lights, vector helicopters, and generally place console-players in a world of hurt. Multiplayer mode also allows for teamwork, and players can accept hacking contracts as a team.

As expected with open-world games, commandeering vehicles forms another aspect of the gameplay. Using vehicles, players can get anywhere around the city or earn cash by getting involved in illegal street-racing. Players can download vehicle registrations and having cars delivered to them via the cars-on-demand app. Also, players can steal random vehicles either through hacking or by force, but consequences will have to be considered. More will be explained later. In the area of defense, players can use firearms or hand-to-hand combat against opponents, though discretion is advised because the player is often outgunned.

Players can use Pearce's abilities to fight for good by fighting against the dark side of Chicago that include mafia bosses, street gangs, corrupt businessmen, and crooked city officials. Besides fighting major crime figures, players can take action against petty crime. If the player chooses, Pearce can also engage in criminal activity, but decisions are not without consequences. Players can easily find themselves losing allies and gaining notoriety in the city.

Game experience is highly customizable through mini-games and a variety of apps. Just like in the real world, players can enhance Pearce's smartphone with a customized music playlist and look out for local hotspots. Players can experience virtual Chicago by joining chess games at the city park, and playing a few rounds of poker at the local bar.

Mind-bending "Trip" mini-games can also be downloaded via app, which transforms virtual Chicago into other environments. Keep in mind that these "Trips" have nothing to do with single-player story mode, and are there to provide a separate gaming experience. Players can race against demonic cop cars in a hellish rendition of Chicago, or wreak destruction on the city as a gigantic six-legged robotic spider.

Parents be warned, the game is rated M for Mature. It is not advisable for children to play this game due to nudity, intense violence, blood, strong language, strong sexual content, use of drugs and alcohol. Players may be exposed to unrated user-generated content from the game's online features.