Christian Rock Singer Tim Lambesis Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison for Plotting to Murder Wife

( [email protected] ) May 19, 2014 01:55 PM EDT
Timothy Lambesis, lead singer of the Christian rock band "As I Lay Dying," has been sentenced to six years in prison for plotting to kill his wife. The singer says his addiction to steroids in addition to losing his faith in God caused his moral spiral.
The lead singer of ''As I Lay Dying'' blames his drug use for his moral downfall. (Photo: AP)

The lead singer of the band Christian Rock Band "As I Lay Dying" has been sentenced to six years in prison for plotting to kill his wife.

Timothy Lambesis, 33, pled guilty to asking his personal trainer if he knew anyone who could kill his wife of eight years, Meggan Murphy. He expressed anger at his wife's restricting his visits to see his children following their separation in addition to receiving a large share of his income in a divorce settlement, The Huffington Post reports.

The trainer contacted the San Diego Sheriff's Department, which in turn sent an undercover detective to meet with Lambesis. The singer admitted that he had paid the undercover detective $1,000 in cash for the murder, with an additional $19,000 to be paid when his wife was dead.

Court documents reveal that the Lambesis gave the officer photos of his wife, the address of her complex and codes for the security gates, and a list of dates when he would have their three adopted children with him to provide an alibi.

Lambesis' attorney said the singer's "thought processes were devastatingly affected by his steroid use," claiming his actions were out of character.

In an interview held earlier this week with Alternative Press, Lambesis reveals that he experienced a "massive moral decline" following his steroid use, renouncing his Christian faith and embracing atheism.

"So when I abandoned all belief in God, I had nowhere to put my feet. I was 30 years old and asking myself that same question, "Where does morality come from?" If there was no God, then morality is whatever I want to make it. That began to justify a lot of crazy behaviors in my life."

During the sentencing hearing on Friday, Noisey reports that Lambesis addressed his wife, saying, "I do want to apologize, and I do feel a deep sense of remorse." He added, "In the midst of all the heartache, you still find the strength to pray for me, and I'm thankful for that."

"As I Lay Dying" was formed by Lambesis in San Diego in 2000. The band was known for their Christian-themed lyrics which tackled heavy issues such as abortion, regret, and depression. Several of their albums reached the Billboard Top 200, and the metal band was nominated for a Grammy in 2008.

Following the news of Lambesis' arrest, the band released a statement on their website announcing the cancellation of their 2013 tour, stating "we feel that it is best for the band to be off the road while the current situation gets sorted."

Rather than continue on without Lambesis, the four remaining members of the band decided to focus on a different style of music under a different band name, Wovenwar, with a new lead singer.