'The Americans' Season 3 Premiere Date: Season 2 Finale Spoilers

( [email protected] ) May 21, 2014 05:37 PM EDT
The Americans
(Photo: FX)

The Season Two finale of 'The Americans' is coming on the FX channel tonight, May 21 at 10:00pm EST.

Under the name "Echo," the episode concerns Philip and Elizabeth's attempt to bring their children to safety after completing a dangerous mission for 'Mother Russia.'

Following in the vein of 24, the series revolves around two KGB agents who are living a double-life as an average American couple with children. Loosely based on the real events, the series takes a look at the '80s-style spy genre, but from the perspective of Soviet spies. Everything is not as it seems. Even the marriage and the children are part of a ruse to preserve the two agents' identity. Double-dealings, betrayal, sex, murder, and horrible wigs play a huge part in this series.

Despite the story being focused on a spy family, this is not a show for children. A message to all parents out there, you have been warned!

If there is one thing that fans will ask, it is concern for when Season Three of 'The Americans' will begin. So far, there has been no word of an exact date. Still, there is a good indication that Season Three will premiere in January 2015, mainly because the first two started in January.

'The Americans' Season Two finale will air on the FX channel, but for those without cable there is an option to watch the full episode live streaming on FxNetworks.com.